Mystical Female Vampire Drawings

Just in time for Halloween, creating  gorgeous looking vampire drawings is another great idea for your house decoration.

So if you're up to drawing some cool 'blood sucking' yet very attractive female vampire art, this tutorial will guide you step by step on how to make such sketches from scratch.

Though, I have to admit that this guide is a bit on advance side. But the good news is that you have a lot of freedom to modify as many details as you wish to make your drawings look unique.

So I basically broke the process down into four main steps, in which you design and develop you own vampire character from: posing, clothing style, costumes, to minor details such as vampire eyes and teeth.

After practicing with some vampire sketches, creating more of these spooky artwork will just be a snap following the same drawing steps.

So grab your pencil now and let's have some 'horror' time making mysterious fantasy vampire drawings!

Step 1: Sketching Pose - Stick Person Framework

vampire drawings pose

This is when you should brainstorm ideas for your future vampire look by giving it a defined pose. In this drawing I chose to have a very simple pose for my female vampire. The arms are relaxed and spread a little, and it appears as though she is flying- or more correctly - floating on one leg. ...Yes, I actually cheated a bit by only drawing one leg :).

Step 2: Designing Vampire Clothes

designing vampire clothes

I chose a medieval fashion style with a bit of modern twist for this vampire drawing tutorial, but obviously you can decide on whatever style you like or even design one yourself.

Anyway, here is the hint: one of the most depicted features in vampire clothing is their long capes - for male, and dresses or gowns with long big sleeves - for female.

Step 3: Developing Vampire Costumes

drawing vampire costumes

In my design I added a round stand collar, just like those you'd usually find in queens' gowns, and added splits on the dress, just below the belt. So now my vampire's costume turned into a wrap dress - half a gown. I also drew some horrifying bat wings to make her look a bit more scary and the same time more elegant.

If you ever feel stuck at this stage, and can't figure out how vampire costumes look like, try searching online for pictures of vampires and see what kind of clothes they are depicted to wear. This will at least give you some ideas to start with.

But don't rely on that too much either, your vampire drawings will look much more wicked if you can design your own costume. Plus your imagination will give it that special spark that no kind imitation can do. So be creative with you sketches!

Final Step: Vampire Drawings Details

vampire sketches

By now your sketch of the vampire, be it male or female should be nearly finished. I added some minor details such as extra inner bones on the wings and drew over hems of the dress and collar with serrated bat wings' shape - distinctive to vampire's look.

You can draw vampire's face whatever way you like. I tried to keep it simple by drawing eyes with triangles that are similar to Batman's eyes. Or you can even try a more realistic version like those from 'The Dracula' legend or films. And don't forget to draw those vampire's canine teeth - the most important feature to include.

Ok, Coloring Your Vampire Drawings!

I would suggest using deep cherry red with dark tones such as purple or black to depict blood and the darkness of vampires. Yellow hair also goes well with the combination of three colors above. Also remember that vampires are cold blooded creatures, so their skin is not of the usual flesh color as you would use for drawing people. Try something similar to light bluish grey, it did a very good job on my drawing, see above...

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