Drawings of Strawberry Cartoon

This strawberry cartoon is going to be really delicious and most definitely, easy to draw! In this five step by step lesson you'll learn how to draw cartoon of strawberries that can be put into those lovely gift cards, especially on Valentines day.

...Ready? Take your pencil and start sketching now!

Draw Strawberry Face

Begin by outlining your strawberry's face shape. This is just a simple triangle shape with well rounded corners. I drew it slightly leaning to the left to give a bit of artistic style. Now start drawing the eyes with two simple arcs.

In step (2)  add strawberry's nose and bow tab details. As you see, the nose is a simple hand drawn "V' stick, turned on 90 degrees anti clockwise. 

Adding More Details to Your Strawberry Drawings

In step (3) just draw two puffy shapes to either sides of bow tab and you're done with outlining the bow.  To depict the folding of fabric, simply add extra lines extending from the tab.

Lips of this cartoon strawberry fruit, are however, a bit complicated to draw. So I broke the process down into three easy steps to help you get it right. First draw the middle line between upper and lower lips (3). Note how it is slightly curling up in the middle. Then draw the upper lip just like how you would draw 'stick birds' in the sky (4). The lower lip is drawn exactly the same way, but this time you need to flip your 'bird' upside down.  

Finish Strawberry Cartoon Drawing

Your drawing of strawberry was pretty much finished at step (4). I know that some people like to keep things simple, so this step (5) is optional.

For those of you, who like to make cartoons like this a bit more interesting, consider putting in some dots and tiny 'V' shapes to give it the texture of real strawberry fruit.

 The most interesting part of this drawing is coloring. Go as wild as you wish, but keep this strawberry face detail clear by using contrast hues and shades. In my illustration above, I used bold dark purple lines to emphasize on eyes and lips, which are filled with saturated red color.

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