7 Comic Spiderman Drawings

Drawing Spiderman in Action

These seven Spiderman drawings in action extends further from basic how to draw spiderman step by step lesson, which I created earlier before. Hope they will inspire you to create even more interesting sketches and greatly improve your comic drawing skills.

So let's quickly grab your pencil and start these really cool exciting drawings of Spiderman.

To make it short and sweet, I skipped all stick figure drawings and the 'how to' process, which I demonstrated in previous tutorial on drawing spiderman. As seen in films, cartoons and books, below are final comic spiderman drawings.

The first image (top left ) in this series of spider man drawings depicts our superhero in sitting-ready to fight position. 

The second (next to the left) is him hanging upside down with his super strong spider web rope. 

The third illustration (second to the right) show Spiderman crawling sneakily on a flat surface, which can either be floor, roof, walls or even windows.

The fourth drawing (top right) is Spiderman's famous image used in many DVD films cover - sitting on top of a tower and looking down at the New York city. 

The fifth comic Spiderman (bottom left) illustrates Spiderman in flying position,  with right hand holding to spiderweb, and looking for something from a far.

The sixth line drawing of Spiderman captures him in attack situation in the middle of the air, where he spits out the web from his left hand, while the other hands holds onto the string.

And the last - seventh picture can either be of Spiderman in transition pose between his jumps from building to building, or a position where he is ready to attack the enemy with spider-web. 

That's it, seven really awesome depictions of spiderman in various action forms. Once you finish with line drawings, its time to turn your sketches into live comic  illustrations with red and blue colors. Hope you really enjoyed spiderman drawings! 

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