Pumpkin Drawings of Faces

These pumpkin drawings are the second part of creating 7 different looking face expressions that can be used as free pumpkin carving templates. In the first part of drawing pumpkin faces we started with a base template and drew the first three: spooky, angry and happy faces. Now let's draw the rest.

Pumpkin Drawing - Dizzy Face

pumpkin drawings dizzy face

Dizzy eyes aren't hard to draw and carve. Begin with thin spiral lines- around two turns is good. Don't forget to space them far enough to allow for thickness. If you're just drawing this pumpkin, create another spirals beside each spiral drawn before with spaced-distance being its thickness. If it's pumpkin carving, do the same, but start in the center.

The nose is just a simple triangle. To draw the mouth, first very lightly outline a curly rectangle then start adding square shapes for the teeth.

Pumkin Drawings - Surprised Face

pumpkin drawings surprised face

This drawing of pumpkin's face is probably the easiest and simplest of all the seven moods. Everything here is just diversified versions of the basic oval.

Eyes are slightly pointing down towards the center.

The nose is perfectly aligned horizontally. Same for the mouth.


Pumkin Drawings - Worried Face

pumpkin drawings worried face 

This pumpkin, however, might need some more work. Perhaps that's why it's worrying so much! Notice how I added eyebrows to emphasize it even more.

If you're carving pumpkins, don't forget to leave two circles at the top parts of eyes for iris. 

The nose is a simple vertical ellipse.  To draw the mouth use a rectangle that's wider at the base.

Pumpkin Drawings - Calm, No Expression Face

pumpkin drawings calm face

The last drawing in this 7 faces series- a very calm wise looking pumpkin.

Have you noticed that the eyes of this one look like sunglasses? That's right, I drew them that way to make it look a bit more stylish and cool.

The mouth of this calm pumpkin face is the simplest amongst all others - a thin wide rectangle - it conveys poise and steadiness.

That's it, all the 7 unique face expressions for pumpkin carving or drawing fun to lighten up your Halloween decorations!  

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