Pencil Drawing Tips – Basic Figure Drawing Practice You Should Know

Would you like some pencil drawing tips? Have you been learning how to draw but don't know where to start? Do you feel like you need some really practical drawing tips to get you started?

I get tons of emails from people asking me simple questions, like: How do I draw!

Well, the best answer to a simple question, I guess, is a simple answer:"Just do it!".

Yes, and that's exactly how I started learning how to draw, back when I was a kid. It was my hobby that grew into something larger, day by days, month by months and year after years, the passion turn into experience and artistic skills which not only help me create for everyone to enjoy, it had actually earned some extra income for me - if you care to know it worked out, simply check SBI (insert your affiliate link).

Ok, let’s get to the nifty gritty of creating fantastic colorful drawings that will amaze both you and your family or friends.

Pencil Sketch Drawing Tips

When doing pencil sketches, the last thing you want to do is erasing hard lines, which will leave stains and ugly marks on you final piece of artwork. So keep everything very light and dim, just as if your pencil was simply gliding like a bird above the surface of the sea - your drawing paper.

For initial sketches, I always use HB or harder pencils, like H or sometimes even HH.

Then as you progress and get the feel for your final figure, you can press it a little bit harder. Don’t be afraid to use ball point pen or permanent markers if you are 100% sure of the drawn lines, because they will make easing very simple and effortless.

Another [encil drawing tip to keep in mind when doing sketch drawing is to use your pinky as a pivot point, so you can avoid pressing your palm into pencil sketches and leave hard to remove dirty marks.

Using a pinky as a stabilizing finger is especially useful when you practice life drawing sketches on easels in a vertical position, as it will guide your strokes and enhance flow for smoother lines.

Figure Drawing Tips

Figure drawing, especially human body, is quite hard to get right when you just begin learning the basics. Follow these pencil drawing tips to create awesome figure drawings.

Luckily, just like any figures, be it objects like tea pots or animal skulls, can be broken down to basic geometric shapes, just like how I showed you on animal cartoons drawing page.

The trick here is to recognize the initial element of composition and arrangement of subjects in view. It is crucial that you do this first step properly, spend some time to get it right so your final drawing looks well balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Then you can go more into details of your figure or portrait drawing, such as refining the exact lines, contours and angles.

Another figure drawing tips I would like to add, is always keep your paper as clean and tidy as you can. This involves keeping the line conservative and only let your pencil tip touch the paper when you can feel the right placement, don't just squeeze it everywhere like how I have seen many novice people do, and they end up with a piece of mess!

Shading is a great part of figure drawing. The best pencil drawing tip for shading is to start from dark to light, like how I have demonstrated in one of those how to draw eyes tutorial. Dark areas will give you a vague idea of where you should shade some more without blindly overdoing it.


Above are some of the most practical pencil drawing tips which I found to be the corner stone for any great drawing, be it just black and white sketches, or fully colored paintings.

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