How to Draw Superman Flying

DC Comic Superman Drawing

Fan of DC Comics? ...Great! Let me show you how to draw superman flying - from basic pencil sketch to complete coloring and ready for your next arts exhibition!

If you have drawn many other superheroes, such as Spiderman or Batman, learning how to sketch this superman drawing from scratch won't be too difficult. I assume that you have tried my two detailed superhero lessons above, so lets get into drawing this Superman very quickly, skipping the step by step framework part.

How to Draw Superman From Scratch

Your first pencil sketch of comic superman should be very light, just sketch dark enough for you to see the the big picture and overall balance and proportions at a glance.

Once things start to look good, fade your superman sketch till it becomes barely visible. Then you are ready to do a second sketch on top of it, this time a little bit more detailed.

I bet you must have noticed that among three superheroes (the other two being Spiderman and Batman), Superman is the most muscular and fully built male figure. So keep your eye on correct relationships between different body parts, like : chest, arms and legs.

The second thing to take notice when you learn how to draw superman in comic books is that even though he is very muscular, his superman design suit gives some very smooth-line appearance. So, you don't have to sketch really sharp lines, as we did in the other two lessons, when working on this comic superman drawing.

Also observe how this superman's right arm and leg form a slightly curved line at about 60 degrees. On the opposite side, they form almost like "L" sections. These two contrasting shapes are actually what makes the drawing look interesting and cool, while being well balanced.

Just like many DC comics super heroes, super-man has a cloak, which is attached to his suit around the neck. Draw this piece of fabric long enough to  fall down to his knee level.

To finish superman drawings, don't forget to sketch in his famous 'S' symbol, which since creation of superman character has even become the symbol of strength and super-natural powers in many comic books, games and commercially featured films.

Superman in comics has recognizable masculine rectangular-shaped face, typical of Greek warriors but with a modern twist. Another distinctive feature are his eyes, which are just simple thin horizontal lines with a dot in the middle.

So that's a couple of things you need to remember when practicing how to draw superman.

Once you complete sketching, ink it out with black pen or marker, and erase all pencil traces to have a clean and sharp line drawing. Then color the suit with dark blue sea; the cloak, boots and "S" super-power symbol outline with red; belt and 'S' symbol background with yellow.

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