How to Draw Superheroes

Comic Superhero Drawings

Do you like comic books? Let's learn how to draw superheroes from different comics and cartoons.

In this page you'll find superhero drawings of the most popular characters, from Spiderman, Superman to Batman.

Most of the lessons in this category involve drawing human figures, which require especially good understanding of human body, bone and muscle structures. So don't be surprised if you find it hard to get your superhero drawing look correct right from the first try. It might take a bit of practice, ...but hey - the outcome of such things are often amazingly rewarding!

So give each of these tutorials a full kick and you'll be improving your drawing skills in no time!

Intermediate Drawings

how-to-draw-superman-btHow to Draw Superman
Fan of DC Comics? ...Great! Let me show you a flying superman drawing from scratch - from basic pencil sketch to complete coloring.

Advanced Drawings

how-to-draw-spiderman-btHow to Draw Spiderman
Learn to draw Spiderman from Marvel Comics in easy to follow drawing steps. This amazing Spiderman drawing is a must have in your superhero collection.

spiderman-drawings-btComic Spiderman Drawings
Have fun drawing Spiderman character in various action forms, from crawling, hanging, flying to different attack positions.

how-to-draw-batman-btHow to Draw Batman
This Batman from Gotham city is a perfect pencil sketch to test your artistic skills.

Feel free to also check out for some "how to draw fairies" lessons along with other creatures such as dragons, animals and fantasy characters.

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