How to Draw Spiderman Step by Step

Comic Spiderman Drawing

In this lesson you'll learn how to draw spiderman from Marvel Comics in easy to follow step by step tutorial. My favorite superhero character is spider man, so obviously sketching an amazing spiderman drawing is something I am very excited about.

If you have been hunting for spider man drawing lessons online, you've probably only found people showing how to draw spider man in different complex poses, without actually going into detail of how to draw this infamous comic hero in a methodical way.  Well, let me demonstrate how.

Spiderman sketches are basically extended versions of muscular male human figure drawings.

First draw an oval for the head, then a triangle about twice as long for torso.

Keep building the spider figure by adding another smaller triangular shape for lower body, from where you draw some ellipses for legs.

Now draw in arms while watching out for correct proportions as marked in the spiderman image above. 

Let's transform our human sketch into aspiring spiderman drawing with extremely well-built athletic figure and super strong muscles of hero!

Draw spiderman from top to bottom, so you can keep everything clean and free of accidental stains.

Remember to sketch in spiders eyes as you reshape the head. Keep working down to upper torso and abs muscles, then arms with squeezed in fists - because our superhero spiderman is always ready for the next rescue fight. Lastly, create some sharp angles to depict the strength of spiderman's legs, which enable him to move and jump at lightning-fast speed.

By now your work on muscles of spider man drawing is acomplished. It's time to dress him up in his special spiderman suit, which in my opinion, is purely classic and cool looking costume.

Note how the suit lines are drawn above - the middle spider picture. You need to pay attention to three major areas - the belt at stomach level; lines going up from this point to pass armpits, then curve down to below elbows and stop at  midway of two arms; and long boots. Of course, spider man's suite won't be complete without black spider print symbol right in his chest.

What's left now is to complete Spiderman's suit with dark cherry-red and blue colors, draw in the spider web texture and create falling shadow if you wish (see illustration at the top).

The example illustrations below show you how to draw spider web by first sketching vertical lines and then weaving in horizontal curves between these strings, to complete the nest.

That's the end of this step by step tutorial. Also check out my other Spiderman Drawings to learn how to draw spiderman in different action forms.

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