How to Draw Roses

Pencil Drawing of a Rose

Knowing how to draw roses quickly with a pencil or a writing pen at hand is certainly something very useful in our daily life, be it when you need that special gift card or greeting messages with added personal touch, to show your appreciation and love for others.

So in this drawing of a rose tutorial I will show you a very simple, easy and yet effective way of drawing roses in matter of minutes, even if you're in a hurry for a business meeting.

Study Real Life Rose Picture

To make learning of how to draw roses easy, you should start paying attention to images of rose photos and pictures to memorize the distinctive features of a rose flower.

1. Rose petals- is it still in rose-bud state, blooming or already a fully blossomed flower? This could have subtle difference in the meaning of the carried message

2. The sepals- elongated leaf shapes with sharp pointy ends

3. The rose stem- note the gradual change in thickness and quite straight corner transitions in direction of the stem

4. Serrated margin leaves, usually come in 1, 2 or 3 per rose petiole.

How to Draw Roses Steps

1. Draw a circle first

2. Depending on how blossomed your rose is, sketch in another shape on top of that circle to form the rosebud

3. After that, roughly sketch the stem with thin pencil line.

Now make these rose pencil drawings very light to prepare for outlining - inking of the rose.

Let's work on rose petals. My best advice is to begin creating petal shapes from the bottom of the bud and work all the way up to the center of the rose.

This way you can intuitively sketch without having to worry about going overboard with your drawing of a rose.

In my other lesson on how to draw a rose fully blossomed, it is however, better to work from the center of the flower and keep adding petals to outer edges.

Time to add the stem and a few petioles. Note how I kept the lines smooth yet drew quite sharp transitions in direction of the growth. The rose stem should also get bigger as it recedes further away from the rosebud.

When drawing roses, remember that they have serrated margin leaves, but else is similar to other flowering plants.

Now draw in leave's midribs and rose thorns and you've just learned how to create quick and easy rose pencil drawings.

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