How to Draw Noses

Learn how to draw noses in this five simple steps lesson. If you're interested in sketching human faces, then drawing noses is definitely going to be a skill you need to master soon or later, because it's one of the most important features in any portrait drawings.

While it is true that nose drawing is not one of the easiest thing to sketch, it is however, not as extremely hard and complicated as many people imagine.

Again, as I often like to mention, it all boils down to your ability, as an artist, to know how to simplify seemingly complex objects, and turn then into simple drawing steps that you can confidently perform.

Ok, grab your art tools and let's have some fun sketching this human nose from the side 3/4 view. This is probably the most useful position to practice and learn how to draw noses, because most portraits are depicted slightly sideways .

How to Start Drawing Noses

drawing noses

When sketching drawings of noses, I always start by creating major outlines very lightly with a pencil. This way I can correct and reshape any lines without having to worry about leaving dirty marks. It's especially true if you use pencil to create outlines for your water-color drawing or similar water-based pigments.

The next thing I do, just like drawing eyes or lips drawing, is to shade the darkest areas first, followed by mid density areas on either sides of the nose. In this case the darkest part is the shadow just under the nostrils, which are not visible in above illustration because the view is from the top.

How to Shade Nose Drawing

nose drawing

In this next step of 'how to draw noses' tutorial, you'll start shading the light areas of the nose. The area from nasal bone (just under forehead) to the center of nose's base catches most light and so is the lightest. Second light areas are two sides of the nose, where nostrils are located.

As you shade your nose drawing, begin to smoothen transition lines between dark and light areas, to depict the softness of nose skin. If, however, your goal is to achieve more masculine look, leave your natural pencil strokes as they are. The picture of my sketches above is somewhere in between, not too soft, not too hard, works for both male and female nose drawings.

How to Draw Noses - Finished Example

how to draw noses

So here are my two finished drawing noses examples. Note how closer to realistic look the right illustration gets by just changing its color to warm cream and subtle red hues of the skin.

So if you plan to create nose drawings like mine, I suggest you try with pencils first and then do it again with pastel colors. This way you'll have already known how to shade it correctly when mixing different colors.

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