How to Draw Lugia

This tutorial will show you how to draw Lugia. Lugia is an amazing Pokemon with giant wings and a dragon like tail. If Lugia is your favorite Pokemon, keep reading to learn how to draw him in 5 easy steps.

This step by step lesson has five drawing steps in total. Do not worry if you do not get everything perfect the first time through. Practice makes perfect. Keep trying and you will be able to draw Lugia and how to draw your favorite pokemon characters easily. So grab your pencils and let's have some fun learning how to drawing Lugia.

Basic Framework for Lugia

First, we want to make a guide of the body and the head, as well as where the arms are going to be. Draw a circle for the head, and since his mouth will be open, draw another circle in the fron of the head circle for his mouth. Then, along the top, draw a guildelin to show where his eye and horn will be placed. Now, draw a line going down from the head to an large oval represnting where we will draw the body. At the top of the body circle, add the arm line with two circles for the end of the wings. Now draw in upside down "U" for the legs, and a curved line for the tail.

Outlining the Head and Body

Let's outline the head. Starting from the top of the head circle, draw outward and then make a sharp curve downward to the bottom of the mouth circle. Then, follow around the bottom of the head circle to form the chin. Next, from the back of head circle, draw a spike and then curve down the body line to form the neck ending at the arm line. Lastly, draw the line for the front and back of the body.

Adding the Arms and Feet

Next, let's fill in the body and add the arms and legs. First, draw two ovals around te top of the leg lines to form the top of the legs. Then, at the bottom of those, draw lines in for the toes. Now, to form the arms, follow the arm lines from the body outward so they touch the circles we drew earlier to represent the hands. Lastly, fill in the line for the tail, coming to a point at the end.

Adding the Fingers and Spikes

We are almost done with our tutorial on how to draw Lugia. Now for the hardest part of our Lugia drawing, adding in the massive fingers. Let's add in the fingers by drawing around the hand circle and adding five rectangular fingers. On the arm to the left, make the fingers fan out from the body. On the arm to the right, make the fingers curve back towards the body. Now, add in the mouth. Start from the top of the eye line and end at the bottom of the mouth circle. Add in details like the tounge and teeth here. Now on the eyelines, make the spike going out from the head and add an eye in. These should be in the shape of a triangle.

After you add the last few details of our how to draw Lugia tutorial like the spikes on the back and tail, clean up your guidelines so that your picture is ready to color. Now all you have to do is add color to your Lugia drawing!

Now that you know how to draw Lugia, you can color your finished drawing. I hope you enjoyed drawing Mew. Feel free to check out how to draw some of your other favorite Pokemon characters at our how to draw pokemon characters drawing page.

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