How to Draw Lisa Simpson

This tutorial will show you how to draw Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons TV cartoon. Lisa was not my favorite Simpson of all time, but she is still fun to draw. Besides, who would the Simpson's be without the saxaphone playing Lisa? So let's get started with this tutorial on how to draw Lisa Simpson in five easy steps.

Drawing The Head

First, we are going to draw Lisa's head using a lot of different sizes of circles. Start with a smaller circle and then place two smaller circles in that for the eyes. Then, draw a much larger circle around that. This is going to help us down the road when we go to draw Lisa'a hair.

Adding The Body

To draw Lisa's body, we are going to start by giving shape to where her dress, arms, and legs will be. Use two long curves to create Lisa's neck and the edge of her dress. Make sure to close the lines at the bottom. Place the lines below that for her legs, and a couple of curving lines for the outline of where her arms will be.

Adding Facial Features, Arm, and Legs

We are going to add Lisa's hair using many "V" shapes that stay within the lines of our larger circle. Add a "C" shape for her ear and a "U" shape for her nose. You can also add her mouth, arms, and legs by using the guides we created in the last step.

Adding Her Clothes

Let's finish off Lisa's dress by adding "V" shapes to the bottom. A curve by the armpits marks the top of her dress. Lisa has a necklace of pearls we can create by adding five circles strung together. Add four small lines above each eye for her eye lashes and a couple of curves for the inside of her ear. Lastly, add the details of her shoes.

At this point, we have finished our drawing of Lisa Simpson. Now you can erase your guide lines and clean up your picture.

Now that we have finished our how to draw Lisa Simpson, you can add color to your drawing.

If you would like to learn more about drawing Simpson's characters, take a look Cartooning with the Simpsons or The Simpsons Handbook: Secret Tips from the Pros. You can also feel free to check out our How To Draw The Simpsons.

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