How to Draw Lips Step by Step

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw lips that look gorgeous and 'hot'? Tried drawing lips by tracing or copying from pictures many times, but it still didn't work? Well... let me show you how to draw female lips in this 6 steps tutorial.

Now... to be honest, I'm not sure why so many people are interested in knowing how to draw realistic lips, but anyway, I've been asked. So this lips drawing lesson is all about depicting realism and color it so it looks attractive and sexy! :)

First Steps to Drawing Lips

drawing lips

Let's commence our drawing of lips by first sketching the outline for the whole lip. This one is drawn from the side in 3/4 view. If you tried my 'how to draw eyes' tutorial, you might noticed that this lesson is quite similar in the way I started it - a simple leaf shape. Also note the difference in curvature between too arcs. The top one is normally more curved to allow for vertical groove on the upper lip - also known as 'philtrum'.

In the next step, finish drawing top and bottom lips. The lower lip is usually slightly larger than the upper one, but it all depends on people, so don't worry about it to much. Now add some vertical lines contouring - following the round shape of top and lower lips to depict lips creases. Also draw some teeth showing through like in my illustration above.

How to Draw Lips with Shading

Remember, always start to sketch very lightly at the beginning so it's easy to erase or correct things later on. Drawing lips this way will ensure a clean and neat finished artwork.

By now the outlines of your lips should be all done and ready for shading.

I like to start in the darkest area first. This helps you gauge and compare the density between the darkest tone and the white background of paper better as you draw. Then continue to other less dark areas.

lips drawing

As you can see in lips drawing picture to the right above, while shading, I also paid attention to using strokes that contour the round surface of upper and lower lips, so that it gets a three dimensional quality instead of being flat.

Keep shading and the same time smoothing out transitions between tones by using you finger (if you draw with pencil, charcoal, pastel or similar mediums) or a clean wet brush (if you use water-base colors). Your lips drawing should look soft but still depict skin creases.

drawing of lips

When your drawing of lips look pretty good, start to shade the skin area around the mouth as well. As this tutorial is about drawing lips, so I won't go into explaining the shading of face details around the mouth.

Finished Lips Drawing

how to draw lips

Now you've learned how to draw lips that not only look realistic, but also 'hot' and wicked!

My piece of advice: keep shading and adjusting the tones until you're totally happy with your drawing of lips. Use eraser to lighten overdone areas if necessary, but it's always better to go light and then get darker.

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