How to Draw Horses

This tutorial will show you how to draw horses with a long tail and flowing mane. You can draw your horse. Here you will learn to basic structure and musculature of a horse to get your drawings on the right path. Let's start learning how to draw horses.

This step by step lesson has in five drawing steps in total. The hardest part about this is getting the legs proportioned correcly and creating the mane. Don't worry if you do not get it right away. Keep praciticing and you will be able to draw horses easily. Lets get started so you can learn how to draw horses today.

Basic Framework for The Horse

Let's start by getting the general proportion of where we want the head and front and rear of the body to be. Draw a cricle for the head and then one for the nose. Draw two more circles, one for the shoulders and one for the hind quarters. Now, let's make a guideline from the center of the back of the head cicle to the center of the shoulder circle. Then, draw in a line attaching the two body circles at the top for the horses back. Lastly, add in the four leg lines. Remember, that you will not see the tops of the leg lines places in the back.

Creating the Body

Now, let's outline the head. Draw a line around the two circles that follows the curves of the circles, following them in where they dip and out where they curve. End the line around the back of the top circle on each side. Then, add in the nexk line from the head to the shoulder and the back line curving over the circles in the same way you did before.

Adding the Eyes, Ears & Legs

Now, let's draw a line from the center of the front of face circle that goes up into the center of the top circle so we know where to put the eyes, mouth, and nose. Next, we can add the ears which will be two curves upside down "V"s places one a little behind the other. Next, we can fill out the legs by outlining the guidlines we put in earlier. Don't forget to curve around the lines for the hooves. The hooves can be made by adding the shape of a cup to the bottom of the leg guidelin and then attaching the leg outline to the top of the cup. Make sure to curve around the body circles for the shoulder and add in a long line from the horse's back to it's back leg.

Final Rough Sketch

We are almost done with the tutorial on how to draw horses and I am sure you horse is looking fabulous. We are going to add in some of the final details here before the last step. We can finish off the face by drawing a nostril above the center face guidelin and a small smile line below it. To add the mane, start behind the ears and draw a curved line with spikes and end it where the neck meets the nacl/ Place a few small whips of hair in fron t of the ears to finish the mane. The tail should start at the end of the back and end a little beyond the top of the front back leg. Make sure it's long and thin, then add a bit of hair to the end like a lion's tail.

Erase your guidelines that we created earlier and create a dark outline around the whole body so that the lines separating the legs from the body and the head from the back disappear as well as the lines on the face. Let's finish off the mane by drawing some hair over the neck making sure you erase the neckline under the hair. Add in circles for the pupils of the eyes and lines to the legs for the hooves. All that's left is to add color.

Now that you know how to draw horses, you can color yours however you like. Hope you had fun learning how to draw horses. You can check out some of our other animals at the drawing cartoon animals section of our site.

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