How to Draw Homer Simpson

This tutorial will show you how to draw Homer Simpson from the Simpsons TV cartoon. Homer is the crazy dad of Bart, Lisa and Maggie. He is also one very cool cartoon character to draw. So if you want to get down with how to draw Homer Simpson, let's get started with the easy tutorial below.

Drawing The Head

Starting with Homer's face, we are going to make an elongated "U" shape for the head closed at one end. Then, we are going to add two circles for the eyes.

Adding The Body

We will then add Homer's body by starting to outline of his shirt and his legs. Homer's body looks like a pear shape and we will add a couple of curved line's down the middle to make note of where his shirt buttons. Another line will mark where we are going to draw his arm. Last, are two rectangular shapes below the torso to represent Homer's pant legs.

Adding Arms And Mouth

Draw Homer's nose by using a sideways "U" shape. Below that, add his beard and mouth. Start by creating his upper lip, then, circle round from the nose to create the lower lip. The sleeve of his shirt can be added using a closed "U" shape. Two curves can form the arm with four "U" shaped fingers at the bottom. You can also draw in his shoes at this time.

Adding The Details

Add the line to seperate the bottom of Homer's shirt with the top of his pants. You can also add a couple of lines towards the bottom of the pant legs to makes the cuff of the pants. Add Homer's collar using an "M" shape and curving it around his neck. Another "M will make one piece of hair, while a few curls will add the rest.

OK, now you can get your pen and ink the parts of the drawing you want to keep. After, using an eraser to get rid of the guide lines that we used earlier will make your picture look much cleaner. Now your drawing is all set to be colored.

And there you have it. Hopefully you enjoyed our how to draw Homer Simpson tutorial. Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you draw the better you will become at it. So make sure to check out some of our other tutorials.

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