How to Draw Flames
Step by Step

how to draw flames

Flame drawings are quite simple to do. Learning how to draw flames should start with first knowing what kind of flames you're after. During my observations, I found that most of flames can be divided into four different types and forms. I've dedicated four step by step free drawing lessons to show you what exactly they are.

So are you ready? ...Lets fire it up!

Gas Flame - Torches or Jet flames

As you can see, these are quite colorful, all depends on what kind of gas being burnt. But most of them fall into either one of the three first fire forms, like in the picture above.

In the blue flame there are two visible parts - inner fire stem (1) and the outer combustion (2). In the next example the stem is blue and is only barely visible (4), while most combusting parts are of bright yellow color (3). And the last example (5) shows fire from low pressure gas, it looks like elongated candle fire, which we'll get into very soon.

So here is how to draw flames of gases, the ones you'll use for drawing rockets.

The only thing you need to get right when creating flame drawings of jets or rockets is the that it needs to be symmetrical. But if it's just cartoon drawings, then it probably won't matter, as soon as it's long and doesn't have too many burning tips - its fine.

Candle Flame - Easiest to Draw

Still fire from candle is ideal for studying flames.

Again the stem is blue (1). Next comes the middle - widest part of the flame (2). And lastly, the fire tip (3) which is slightly turning into orange-red color.

If the burning is slow and steady, usually the brightest part of the flame is in the middle (4).

Ok, let's figure out how to draw flames like those from candles step by step.

Start by drawing a simple shape similar to a drop of water. Then add another one inside of it. And finally draw a small oval inside the second shape. You are now done and ready to color your cool burning flame.

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