How to Draw Dragons

This tutorial will show you how to draw dragons, one of my favorite fantasy creatures. Many people love learning to draw dragons because there are many different ways that you can portray a dragon. Below I will show you one way you can draw a dragon.

This cartoon lesson has in total five drawing steps. Don't worry if you think it looks complicated, each step is pretty easy to draw. So grab your pencils and let's have some fun learning how to draw dragons.

Basic Framework for The Dragon

First, let's draw where we want the body to be with an oval. Then let's draw a circle for the head and another small oval for the snout. Draw a curve for the neck and add a winding tail. Then, draw a line for each leg.

Rough Sketch

Next, let's draw a couple of lines over the face in a cross pattern to markwhich way our dragon is facing. Now let's fill out the next by adding two lines following the curve of the from the head into the body oval. Let's do the same for the tail. Remember, the tail should narrow as it comes to the tip.

Adding Small Details

Now let's add some minor details to the dragon by adding in a couple of eyes over our guidelines. The space between the eyes should be the width of one eye. Let's finish off the face by drawing around the two circles representing the head. Curve you lines in where the circle curve in and make the snout bump out a little. Now we can add a couple of ears on top of the head.

Outlining the Dragon

Alright, now we can outline the dragon before adding in the final details. First, let's draw in the legs and at the bottom draw and "M" shape to represent the claws for our dragon. Then you can earse your light pencil marks and guidelines and darken the outline of the dragon.

Now we can finalize our dragon by putting in some finishing details. Add small circles in the eye circles for pupils. Create a mouth by drawing a curve from the mouth up towards the jaw. You can add spikes to your dragons back and tail too. A lot of dragon have wings so you can add wings. THey come in all different sizes and types, but we'll use these bat-like wings here.

Hope you hade fun learning how to draw dragons. You can check out our other how to draw a dargon tutorial here or you can check out some of our other fantasy creatures in the draw fantasy creatures section of the site.

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