How to Draw Charizard

This tutorial will show you how to draw Charizard. Charizard is known for his dragon like body, fire tail, and expansive wings. If Charizard is your favorite Pokemon, keep reading to learn how to draw him in 5 easy steps.

This step by step lesson has five drawing steps in total. Do not worry if you do not get everything perfect the first time through. Practice makes perfect. Keep trying and you will be able to draw Charizard and how to draw your favorite pokemon characters easily. Do not forget to check out our Charmander and Charmeloen tutorials as well. So grab your pencils and let's have some fun learning how to drawing Charizard.

Basic Framework for Charizard

First, we need to determine where the head and body will be. Draw a circle for the head and then one for the nose. Then was want to draw a line down to represent the body. Now, let's make a guideline from the center of that line to form the shoulders. Now, draw and upside down "U" shape to form the legs.

Outlining the Head

Next, draw a line from the center of the front of the face circle that goes up into the center of the top circle. This will shown you where to put the eyes, mouth and nose. Let's outline the head by drawing a line around the two circles that follows the curves of the circles. You should go in where they dip in and come out where they curve outwards. End this line around the back of the top circle on each side. Then, add in the neck line from the head to the shoulder on both sides.

Outlining the Body, Arms and Legs

Next, draw a "V" near the top of the head to represent the spike on his head. Outline the guidelines we put in for the legs. Curve around the lines to make the feet. The shape of the feet can be made by adding the shape of a cup to the bottom ofthe leg guideline and then attaching the leg outlne to the top of the cup. Make sure to curve around the body circle to form the shoulders. Now, add in the hands by making three cup shaped gingers that are joined to the arms and attach back to the body. Lastly, add two curvy "V" shapes to form the wings.

Adding the Tail

We are almost done with our tutorial on how to draw Charizard. Let's clean up our guidelines a bit so that we can do some more work on our drawing. Add in the tail by drawing a "C" shape on the left hand side that connects to the body. The tail should run behind the body and end at a point on the other end. You can add the flame onto the tip of the using a teardrop shape and then creating the curving flames.

Let's add in teh final details. Add a line for the mouth and the nose with a sharp tooth sticking out. Next, add in an eye above the mouth line. Lastly, add in the details for the wings. Make a "W" shape for the bottom and put in some line to show the folds in the batlike wings.

Now that you know how to draw Charizard, you can color your finished drawing. I hope you enjoyed drawing Mew. Feel free to check out how to draw some of your other favorite Pokemon characters at our how to draw pokemon characters drawing page.If you want to learn more about drawing dragon forms, check out our dragon tutorials in the draw fantasy creatures section.

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