How to Draw Batman Step by Step

Gotham City Batman Drawing

Let's learn how to draw batman from Gotham city in this superhero tutorial. If you are a fan of batman comic character and have never tried batman drawings, this one will be a perfect pencil sketch to put your artistic skills into test.

Just like how to draw spiderman lesson in this hero drawing series, you'll start with basic human frame sketch, but this time we'll work on a bid more advanced and interesting pose.

Begin drawing batman with a triangular oval for the head, followed by the neck line and another bigger triangle shape for the body.

After that sketch in arms and legs using stick figure outlines, to establish batman's 'thinking' pose. 

Be sure to keep your batman pencil sketch very light at this stage to avoid permanant marks.

Progress your batman's drawing by outlining the bat suit details, starting with the head at the very top and then keep working down just the way we did with spider man.

It's a good idea to sketch out the black batman's cloak first, so that your won't be spending time on drawing muscular structures that will eventually get covered by cloth.

Keep drawing batman costume details following stick figure frame we created at the beginning. By drawing his hands holding cross, we have even eliminated the abs and chest muscles details, so learning how to draw batman in this pose is getting considerably easy.

If you're not too meticulous about batman's fighting suit design, you probably will only need to draw his bat symbol right in the center of the chest and three claws by the sides of each arm. Then sketch come details for the belt and we can move onto coloring this illustration.

Now clean up your pencil draft a little bit so that you have a tidy and neat line drawing of batman.

batman drawings 

Coloring batman drawings is one of my favorite steps. As you know, this hero of Gotham sity is very famous for his black long cloak with serrated bat wing's shape edges. But don't make it the darkest black yet, we wanna reserve this for his boots, arms armory, bat symbol and the mask.

Above shows how to draw batman with silver color suite, but in case you're after drawings of Dark Knight, then simply make the whole thing black while observing some shading, of course. This will ensure your drawings of batman have form and appear to be three dimensional.

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