How to Draw Bart Simpson

This tutorial will show you how to draw Bart Simpson from the Simpsons TV cartoon. You can check out how to draw some of your other favorite Simpson characters at how to draw the Simpsons. Get your pen and paper ready. Let's get started on how to draw Bart Simpson

Drawing The Head

First, we are going to draw Bart's head using two rectangular shapes. A larger one for the actual head and a smaller on for his neck. Draw a center line down the middle so that we know which way he is going to be looking.

Adding The Body

Now we are going to add the rest of Bart's body. Use two half circlar shapes that connect to form his midsection. Add a couple of curved lines to form his arm. Next, add his legs by using four curved lines coming from the bottom of his torso. Then, complete his shoes with some more curved lines that come together at a point.

Adding Facial Features

Great, now we are going to add some facial features. Using our center line, we are going to add a curve at the bottom of the large rectangle to form Bart's mouth. A half circle below that forms his bottom lip. A backwards "C" shape will form his ear, while a "U" shape creates his nose. Then, you can add two large circles for his eyes.

Adding His Clothes

Using our outline, we will trace the shape of Bart's shirt and shorts. Make sure the pant legs line up with where his legs are. You can add the sleeve of his shirt with a "U" shape that is closed. We can add fingers to his arm but adding 4 small "V" shapes at the end.

The last few details to add is Bart's spiky hair which is a combination of "V" and "U" shapes. Add a "C" shape above Bart's eye to make his forehead. You can also add the circles on Bart's shoes, and the loops above his shoes for his socks. Also, add a little line at the bottom of his shoes for the soles.

Now that we have finished our how to draw Bart Simpson, you can add color to your drawing. If you would like to learn more about drawing Simpson's characters, take a look Cartooning with the Simpsons or The Simpsons Handbook: Secret Tips from the Pros. You can also feel free to check out our How To Draw The Simpsons.

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