How to Draw Ash and Pikachu

This tutorial will show you how to draw Ash and Pikachu together. For more detailed instructions on how to draw Pikachu, check out our how to draw Pikachu tutorial. If Ash is your favorite trainer, keep reading to learn how to draw him in 5 easy steps.

This step by step lesson has five drawing steps in total. Do not worry if you do not get everything perfect the first time through. Practice makes perfect. Keep trying and you will be able to draw Ash and Pikachu easily. So grab your pencils and let's have some fun learning how to draw Ash and Pikachu.

Basic Framework for Ash

First, let's start with Ash's head by drawing a circle and then drawing a more elongated circle below that for the body. On the hand to the right, draw Pikachu's head and body circl and begin to fill in his details using the Pikachu tutorial

Adding the Chest and Arms

Now, let's add the chest and arms. First draw in the shoulders, two lines that go out from the neck and end about where the body circle does. From the end of the shoulder, draw two lines down that end at the center of the body circle to form the chest. Now, out from the shoulde draw in the arms. Next, add in the clothes, two "V" around the nexk will start the collar and the sleeve should start at the shoulder. also add in the ears to the side of the top of the head lines.

Adding Hands, Hair and Hat

Next, let's put Ash's hat on his head. Draw the circle to finish his head. At the top, put a slight bump to be the top of the hat. Across the forehead draw a line for the bill of the hat. From right below the ears to the bottom of the hat, draw in some spikes for Ash's hair. Now add in the lines for Ash's leg following the guide. Next, add in Ash's hand, putting a glove on it. Use multiple "C" shape curves to create the fingers. Finish off Ash's jacket by drawing rectanges down over the legs. Now add in arms to Pikachu.

Adding The Eyes and Final Details

We are almost done with our tutorial on how to draw Ash and Pikachu. Let's add in the eyes. They should be large and round with two lines over the top for the eyebrows. The smile should be lik a "U" closed in at the top. Ash's nose will be a "V" turned on it's side. Add in the details to that hat, shirt, and pants by making a few circular buttons and long white rectangles for pockets.

After adding in the last few details like to pupil to the eye, you can erase all of your guidelines so that you have a clean picture to color in.

Now that you know how to draw Ash and Pikachu, you can color your finished drawing. I hope you enjoyed drawing Ash. Feel free to check out how to draw some of your other favorite Pokemon characters at our how to draw pokemon characters drawing page.

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