How to Draw Angels

This tutorial will show you how to draw angels with wings and a halo. You can draw your angel in whatever clothing you like, whether it be a long gown or robe. Here the angel is depicted in a regular dress with flowing white wings.

This step by step lesson has in five drawing steps in total. The hardest part about this is getting the wings oriented corretly. Don't worry if you do not get it right away. Keep praciticing and you will be able to draw this angel easily. So grab your pencils and lets have some fun learning how to draw angels.

Basic Framework for The Angel

First, let's draw where we want the body to be by drawing a circle for the head. Then think about where you want the body to be and draw a curve starting from the head to represent the flow of the neck all the way down to the bottom of the angel's dress.

Creating the Body

Next, we will want to draw two lines over the face so we know which direction our angel is looking in. This also tells us where to put her eyes, nose and mouth. Next let's put an upside down "V" shape to represent her dress starting at the hips and ending at her feet. Next, let's fill out the body by making a pear shape connecting the head to the body.

Adding the Eyes & Wings

Let's add the eyes to our horizontal line we created on the face earlier. Draw two small ovals on either side of the center line of the face. Leave a space of about the width of one eye between each eye for proper spacing. Then slightly below the head draw a horizontal line to show where the shoulders will be. Now that we have the shoulders marked, draw two arched and curved lines extending from each shoulder to start creating the wings. You can use curving "C"'s to creat the wings. You can then add a couple of lines to mark where the arms will be.

Final Rough Sketch

We are almost done with our tutorial on how to draw angels. Here we will add the final details of our rough sketch by finishing the face. You can create the nose by using a "C" shape on its back. Below the nose you can put a curve in for the mouth. The eyebrows should start at the inside of the eye but should not curve out past the outside out the eye. Now let's draw in the arms of our dress. Centering the shoulder over the line we drew under the head, the arms should be about as long as the center of the hip circle. You can add a neckline to the dress uing a "U". Then, lets add in feathers on the wings. Lastly, let's add in the angel's hair by first drawing bangs starting at the center line of the face and a little bit above the eyebrows. Starting a little ways above the back of the head, draw some flowing hair.

Now let's clean up our drawing so we can color it in. First, let's finish the dress by extanding it beyond our upside down "V" line we created earlier and finishing the bottom with a curve. After you have finished making these additions, you can ink them and erase your pencil lines, or if you are using pencil only, erased your lighter guidelines from the drawing. Do not forget to add circles in the eyes for pupils and to add a few extra faethers on the wings using "U" shapes. Now all you have to do is color your angel and your done.

Now that you know how to draw angels, you can color the angel however you like. Hope you had fun learning how to draw angels. You can check out some of our other fantasy creatures at the draw fantasy creatures section of our site.

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