How to Draw An Elf

This tutorial will show you how to draw an elf. This elf pictured below is casually enjoying his forest surrounding and would be termed a woodland elf. This is a very easy tutorial for you to follow. Remember the most important aspect of elves are their pointy ears, so make sure they are noticeable.

This cartoon lesson has in total five drawing steps. Remember, that is you do not get everything correct on the first try, just keep praciticng. Let's get started learning how to draw an elf.

Basic Framework for The Elf

First, let's draw where we want the body to be by drawing a circle for the head. Then think about where you want the body to be and draw a curve starting from the head to represent the flow of the neck all the way down to the leg. Where the body splits from the first leg, add a guideline for the other leg to form the elf's seated position.

Creating the Body

Next, let's draw two lines over the face so we can tell which direction our elf is facing. This will help us place his eyes, nose and mouth later. Next, make a pear shape up from waist ending at the head. This forms the body and neck of the elf. After that, make a line around the leg guidelines that end at the bottom of the pear shape your drew for the body.

Adding the Eyes & Arms

Now we can add the eysd and nose using our facial guidelines. Draw a small oval on the guideline that runs across the face horizontally. Then out from the eye, draw a line that curves down and out towards the mouth. This will be the nose. Now curbe the nose back in towards the ears and around to form the mouth and chin. The jawline will curve back up over the neck toward the top of the head. Now we can draw in the arm guidelines. First draw ahorizontal line over the chest to mark where the shoulders start. Then draw in the arm guides which should be about as far down as where the legs meet the body.

Final Rough Sketch

We are now going to add the final details. Start by finishing the face and adding the pointy elf ear. I like elves with long pointy ears, but you might like yours to have slightly shorter ears. Just think of a squished "V" shape. Now add in the eyebrow and fill in the arms centering the shoulders ovber the line we drew under the head.

Now let's clean up the drawing by erasing all of the guidelines. Then you can make a dark outline around the whole body so that the lines speparating the arms from the body and the head from the neck disappear. Now we can draw in some hair, make some spikey lines around the head ending at the back of the neck. Add in a circle for the pupil of the eye, a line for the bottom of the shirt and sleeves and and come boots for his feet.

Now you can color the elf however you like. Hope you had fun learning how to draw an elf. You can check out some of our other fantasy creatures at the draw fantasy creatures section of our site.

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