How to Draw A Unicorn

This tutorial will show you how to draw a unicorn. Unicorns are mystical creatures that resemble horses with a horn coming from their forhead. Practicing to draw horses will help you in creating unicorns. You can color a unicorn however you like, but they tend to incorporate more none traditional colors.

This cartoon lesson has in total five drawing steps. Remember, that if you do not get everything correct on the first try, just keep praciticng. Let's get started learning how to draw a unicorn.

Basic Framework for The Unicorn

First, let's draw where we want the body to be. Draw a circle for the head and then an oval shape for the nose. We can then draw two more circles, one for the shoulders and one for the rear quarters. Now let's makea guideline from the center of the back of the head circle to the center of the shoulder circle. Then draw a line attaching the shoulder and rear quarters. Then add four legs which look a bit like curly "V"'s.

Creating the Body

Next, let's outline the head. Draw a line around the two circles and make it follow the curves of the circles going in where they dip in and out where they curve out. End this line around the back of the circle on each side. Then add in the neck line from the head to the shoulder and the back line, curving over the two body circles.

Finishing the Body

Now we can add some ears by drawing two "V"'s near the top of the head, one a little behind the other. Then let's put in a line for the horn. You can add an eye within the head circle and start to fill in the legs. Curve around the lines to the hooves. The shape of the hooves can be made by adding the shape of a cup to the bottom of the leg guideline and then attaching the leg outline to the top of the cup. Make sure to curve arond the body circles to for the shoulders. Lastly. add in a long line from the back of the of the unicorn's back downward to make the long tail.

Final Rough Sketch

Now let's add in the final details. Start by finishing the face drawing a nostril above the center face guideline and a small smile line below it. Now let's add in the mane and tail. Start behind the ears and draw a curved line with spikes to make the mane. End this where the neck meets the back. Then add small whips of hair in from of the ears to finish the mane. The tail should start at the end of the back and end a little beyond the top of the front back leg. Make sure it's long and thin. Then add a bit of hair to the end like a lion's tail. Make sure to add in the horn around the guideline we drew earlier.

Last, but not least, let's clean up the drawing by erasing all of our guidelines. Then make a dark outline around teh whole body so that the lines separating the lefs from the body and the head from the neck disappear. Now let's finish the mane by drawing some hair over the neck. Make sure to erase the neckline under the hair. Now we can add in circles to the eyes for pupils and lines to the legs for the unicorn's hooves.

All done!Now just add color. Hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a unicorn. You don't have to stop at this how to draw a unicorn tutorial. Just check out some of our other fantasy creatures at the draw fantasy creatures section of our site.

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