How to Draw a Star
Five Easy Steps

In this drawing lesson I'll show you how to draw a star with five even corners. The interesting thing is that apart from using rulers and compass (optional) you're going to draw it all by hand. Yes, free hand drawing of a perfect star. Sounds challenging? Don't worry, it's actually gonna be easier and simpler than you thought.

This step by step star drawing tutorial will help you practice dividing by eye - a skill that's needed every now and then to draw things quickly.

So you're ready?... Let's begin!

Creating Framework for Star Shape

how to draw a star step 1In this first step you need to create a perfect circle. Use a compass or any round object to help you draw it quickly, if necessary. I, however , prefer using my hands, drawing circles by hands is a lot of fun and you can do it anywhere, anytime, without having to carry any drawing tools.

Next, either use a ruler (up to you) or just free-hand sketch out four straight lines, dividing the circle into 8 even parts. Gauge the distances by eye, it's actually quite easy to do. After a few tries you'll most likely get them perfectly divided.

Remember to only sketch everything very lightly at this stage, we're still only building framework to draw a star shape, not the real thing yet.

In step 2, divide each of the two upper and two lower '1/8th-pies' (created in step 1) into three equal distances, just like the red lines in the picture to the right.

Again you can do this by eye. This drawing lesson is all about how to draw a star and the same time practice dividing distances by eyes. Having fun is the key to develop new or improve on existing skills.

In the final step of building framework, divide 'the upper one-thirds' we created in step 2 into another three even parts, like illustrated to the left.

The two 'lower one-thirds' only need to be split into halves.

Finish Drawing of a Star

This is probably the easiest step in the whole 'how to draw a star' tutorial. Simply connect the points as in the illustration to the right and you're done with a five corners star.

This is something really cool to show your friends. I can bet you that only a few people can draw almost-perfectly-looking 5 corner stars by hand! And you've just done that yourself, the easy way of course...

Oh... and don't forget to erase unnecessary lines before you color it. You can outline your star with a pen, that way it won't get erased, only the framework. So here is my finished star drawing. Enjoy!

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