How to Draw A Mermaid

This tutorial will show you how to draw a mermaidn, one of the most beautiful fantasy creatures created. Remember that mermaids are often depicted as beautiful women with long scaly tails instead of legs. They often do not wear more than a bathing suit top and have long flowing hair.

This cartoon lesson has in total six drawing steps. The hardest part about his is getting the correct flow of the mermaid. Don't worry if you do not get it right away. Keep praciticng and you will be able to draw this mermaid easily. So grab your pencils and lets have some fun learning how to draw a mermaid.

Basic Framework for The Mermaid

First, let's draw where we want the body to be by drawing a circle for the head. Then think about where you want the body to be and draw a curve starting from the head to represent the flow of the neck all the way down to the tail.

Creating the Body

Next, let's draw two lines over the face so we can tell which direction our mermaid is facing and where to put her eyes, nose and mouth. Then we want to draw a circle where the hips would be at about the center of the line. Then make a pear shape up from the circle ending at the head to create the body and the neck of the mermaid.

Adding the Eyes & Tail

Now let's add the eyes by drawing two small ovals on either side of the center line along the horizontal line of the face. The space between the eyes should be about with width of one eye. Then slightly below the head draw a horizontal line to show where the shoulders will be. Lastly, from the circle at the hips draw the tail by making a fat curve around the line we drew in the center. Finally, add a fin at the end. You can do this by drawing a curvy "W" and then from end of that a curve around the base of the tail.

Final Rough Sketch

Here we will add the final details of our rough sketch by finishing the face. On the center line of the face, draw a "C" shape on its back for the nose and under that a small curve for the mouth. That mouth should extend slightly beyond the nose on either end. Eyebrows should be a line that starts at the inside of the eye but does not go further than the outside of the eye. Then draw in the arms, centering the shoulder over the line we drew under the head. The arms should be about a long as the center of the hip circle. Lastly, let's' add in the hair, first drawing bangs that start at the centerline and a bit above the eyebrows. Then, starting from a bit above the back of the head circle, draw some flowing hair.

Now you can clean up your drawing of your rought pencil sketches and use an ink pen or a pencil to darken the outline of your mermaid. Now we can add more detail to the drawing. First, let's draw the top of the tail just uner the line we made for the shoulders. Now we can add circles to the eyes for pupils, scales on her tail, and lines on her fin to complete the look.

Now you can color the mermaid however you like. Hope you had fun learning how to draw a mermaid. You can check out some of our other fantasy creatures at the draw fantasy creatures section of our site.

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