How to Draw A Dragon

This tutorial will show you how to draw a dragon, one of the coolest fantasy creatures created. Remember that dragons are strong creatures and that should be represented in your drawings. Many people love drawing dragons and there are many different ways that you can portray a dragon. Below I will show you one way you can draw a dragon.

This cartoon lesson has in total five drawing steps. Don't worry if you think it's complicated, each step is pretty easy to draw. So grab your pencils and lets have some fun learning how to draw a dragon.

Basic Framework for The Dragon

First, we have to outline the basic shapes of our dragon. Dragon necks tend to be very snake like so the nexk has quite a bit of curve to it. Notice that the shoulder sit at the base of the neck. The wings will be attached to the back of the shoulder blades but are separated now for detail purposes.

Rough Sketch

Next, you can use your pencil to start dreating a rough sketch of your dragon. You can add some detail but do not go overboard as this can make things more complicated when it comes times to outline your drawing.

Outlining The Dragon

Now we can start making our dragon stick out by defining the rough sketch. This will allow you to erase the light pencil lines from your rough sketch and allow you to start adding some more details to your drawing in the next steps. If you do not have an ink pen, you can use a pencil as well to create your darker lines too. A pen just makes it easier to erase the pencil lines from your drawing.

Detailing the Dragon

Now that your pencil marks have been erased you can start adding some detail to your dragon like small scales or texture to the skin. Notice on the wings that ridges have been added to the webbing of the wings. Small details like these can help make your dragon come to life.

Alright, we are done with the dragon and now it is time to color your dragon as you see fit. Here the dragon's softer underbelly is colored differently from the tougher scales of it's hide. The wings have also been attached to show you proper placement behind the shoulders.

Hope you hade fun learning how to draw a dragon. You can check out some of our other fantasy creatures in the draw fantasy creatures section of the site.

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