How to Draw Halloween Cartoons

Scary Halloween Monsters

Aren't you excited about drawing Halloween cartoons? This is a great chance to decorate your house with lots of spooky horrifying drawings of haunted spirits, ghosts, vampires, demons, monsters, witches, occult creatures... you name it!

For me, Halloween has always been a time full of magic, dreams and fantasy. Back in school, I couldn't wait to get myself busy with all kind of art and craft projects, be it carving Jack O' Lantern or drawing scary horror masks to put on my party costumes. Then on Halloween's midnight, I and my friends would just gather around to start trick-or-treating the neighborhood!

halloween cartoons

And most definitely, Halloween is a perfect occasion to put out all the best cartoons you've been drawing all year around and impress your friends and family.

So have you got something to draw yet? If not, take a look and see which of the following cartoon might be interesting for you.

Easy Drawings

drawing-pumpkin-faces-btDrawing Pumpkin Faces (part1)
Add to your Halloween drawing some scary looking pumpkin faces! The ones you can use as pumpkin carving templates!

pumpkin-drawings-btPumpkin Drawings of Faces (part2)
Here are some more face expressions to add into your 7 pumpkin drawings collection!

Intermediate Drawings

how-to-draw-skulls-btHow to Draw Skulls
Learning how to draw skulls is truly easy and simple ...if you know how! Change it a bit and you'll have scary looking Halloween monsters.

Advanced Drawings

vampire-drawings-btFantasy Vampire Drawings
A really cool tutorial on how to sketch mystical female vampire drawings. Learn how to design your own vampire costumes to make it really unique drawing!

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