Classical Acoustic Guitar Drawing

I got inspiration to sketch a guitar drawing after listening to a song which my brother played on his six strings classical acoustic guitar. I've never drawn a musical instrument like this one before, needless to say, but it was very fun and an interesting drawing.

I figured out, that drawing guitar is really not hard at all, its actually quite simple and pretty easy, you just need to draw in the right order and know how to start. So I created this quick six steps tutorial to demonstrate how to draw guitars a methodical way using pencil, a ruler and a compass.

Basic Guitar Sketch

guitar sketch

In this lesson we'll learn to draw an acoustic guitar - a classical type. I bet you can easily recall the shape of this traditional music instrument. If we just sketch very lightly a long line to serve as a guide, then the base and neck of this classic guitar drawing are almost the same length. You can then divide the line into four equal portions to help with drawing two framework circles for the guitar's wide base. 

Now use your compass again to create a perfectly circular soundhole on the base (just where the fretted neck begins). Then draw the guitar's thickness by outlining the lower edge.

guitar sketches

After drawing the basic outline, your guitar sketches don't need guidelines anymore, so erase them all to have clean, stain-free drawings.

Drawing Guitar in Color

how to draw guitar

For this drawing of guitar, art grade markers will do an excellent coloring job. However, you need to find yourself something that can overwrite dark colors to make it easy to draw nylon strings at the very final step. Else, just make it steel string version, which is simply grey or black.

drawing guitar

Acoustic instruments are usually made of wood, so drawing guitar with dark brown and ochre tones will probably make a good choice. To make it look even more cool and interesting, consider gradient effect - changing colors in hues and tones very lightly as you go.

Don't forget to draw in frets when you finished coloring. Note how they gradually become farther spaced as to they get closer to guitar's headstock.

acoustic guitar drawing

This acoustic guitar just need some more details and its almost done.

Draw three tuners (string adjusters) on either sides of the instrument's head. These parts have shapes very similar to door keys. There is also a bridge plate on lower part of base, which is just a basic rectangle.

Finish Guitar Drawing

guitar drawing

The only thing left to draw are six strings, a saddle to hold them at the base and some pin holes on guitar's head. Remember how I mentioned before about finding something to overwrite dark colors? If you have it, then this final step is going to be super easy, just use your ruler to draw the strings.

That's all to it, you've just created an awesome looking drawing of a guitar art! 

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