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How to Draw Things

In these free drawing lessons online I'll show you different tips to easily create awesome looking drawings in matter of minutes.  You will find many cool things to draw, ranging from simple objects, like flames, to scary looking skulls.

Each lesson will show some easy ways to achieve your desired effect. Its all about knowing exactly what you want right from the beginning to apply correct techniques.

For example, even though flames look quite complicated, once you know exactly what kind of flames you're after, then these things become amazing simple to draw.

free drawing lessons

Another example is drawing skulls.  Most people just can't be bothered trying, thinking it's too hard, saying something along this line: "Ahhh... its too complicated, I can't draw it... there are so many details... I don't even know what bone sits where!...I don't know where to start..." and so on... But if we take a bit of time to research online for free skull anatomy tutorials, things become very pretty clear and simple.

Ok, grab your pencil (or pen) now and have some fun with these free drawing lessons showing you how to draw things the easy way!

Easy Drawings

how-to-draw-flames-btHow to Draw Flames (p1)
This two parts drawing lesson teaches you different flame types and how to draw them the easy way.

flame-drawing-btFlame Drawing (p2)
In this second part of flame drawing tutorial you'll start creating bursting hot flames!

how-to-draw-a-star-btHow to Draw a Star
Learn this cool technique to draw a perfect 5 corners star only using your hand and a circular object.

Intermediate Drawings

christmas-gift-boxes-btChristmas Gift Boxes
Really beautiful and elegant gift boxes with big velvet bow and ties, covered in interesting Christmas gift wrap paper.

guitar-drawing-btAcoustic Guitar Drawing
Got inspiration to sketch a guitar drawing listening to my bro playing his 6 strings classical acoustic guitar.

guitar-drawings-btElectric Guitar Drawings
Guitar drawings are so interesting. This is another free lesson to help you learn to draw electric versions.

how-to-draw-skulls-btHow to Draw Skulls
Learning how to draw skulls is truly easy and simple ...if you know how! Change it a bit and you'll have scary looking Halloween monsters.

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