Free Coloring Pages Ebook!

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free coloring pages ebook

Are you interested in free coloring pages? Well… now is the chance to grab my 33 awesome drawings from Coloring Pages ebook - issue No.1, worth $30 - completely FREE!!!

What can you use this ebook for:

  • Print it out and have fun coloring at home
  • Take away on your next outdoor trip
  • Use as teaching resource for a small group of kids at school*
  • As template to create fantastic drawings on your greeting cards
  • Any other personal use you can think of!

Note*: this ebook is not for resale or making profit in any possible way!!!

What's inside the book:

  • 33 line drawings
  • 33 fully colored illustrations to complement these drawings
  • Printer - friendly format  so you can get it out right away
  • Total value of $30 - now you can get it for absolutely FREE.

This offer only lasts while this site is new, because I want more people to know about and benefit from my superb-quality drawing lessons. Once this website becomes famous - which base on my traffic statistics, will happen in just few weeks, this ebook will not be available for FREE anymore! So get your hands on it quickly while it still lasts!

Easy, do your friends or like-minded enthusiasts a favor, by placing a link to website. Simply let them know about my Free Quality Drawing Lessons.

Here are 3 simple steps on how to do it in a matter of minute!

  1. Copy URL of the page you’d like to tell people about (more info…)
  2. Paste it, adding a note of your own, into your blog, a Web page, forums, a blog comment, or anywhere that someone would find the page valuable (more info…)
  3. Let me know of your linking effort by submitting to my Link Form

That’s it, three SUPER EASY effortless steps!

I will review your submission as soon as I can (usually within 48hrs) and if all is good, I will send the free copy of my one-time coloring ebook straight to your email inbox!

How To Instructions

How to Copy the URL

There are two options for you to choose from, the first lets you customize the message in the link (most recommended) and the second is a long URL text (no editing is possible).

Method 1:

  • Choose and Go to any drawing page on my site that you like. Then scroll down to bottom of the page where you see this box:
  • Click on "Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward. Here's how..." message to open the URL box. Then simply click the code to highlight it.
  • For Windows users: press Ctrl + C to copy; for Macintosh users: press Command + C to copy

Method 2:

  • Choose and Go to any drawing page on my site that you like.
  • Go to your internet browser’s address bar and copy the URL by highlighting the full text that ends with ".html" (exception is my homepage which ends with"/").
    Example: a page about "Cartoon House" will have an URL that look like this:
  • For Windows users: press Ctrl + C to copy; for Macintosh users: press Command + C to copy

How to Place a Link using Logo Image

Go to this page for instructions:

How to Paste URL

When you paste the URL in forums, blog comments, or web sites, make sure they allow HTML codes, which simply means once you post your comment, the link will usually turn blue and must become clickable. If you are not sure, just test click the link to see if the browser returns one of's page. You will not qualify for FREE ebook if it’s not!

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