Step by Step Flame Drawing Lessons

This is the second part of flame drawing - step by step tutorial. Previously we studied and learned how to draw flames similar to those from candles and burning gases. In these two free drawing lessons I'll introduce the third and fourth forms of fire, and how to create them the easy way.

These are getting even more exciting, so get ready! Here are the last two types of flames I mentioned before.

Moderately Burning Fire and Aggressive Flames

Burning fire usually exist in three stages: slow steady burn (1) - like candles' ones, which we discussed in previous lesson; moderate combustion (2); and intense fire (4).

See how different the tips and patterns of each flame are: (3) vs. (4). In aggressive burning, the flame looses its usual shape and becomes random.

Ok, ready to draw?

Flame Drawings - Burning Fire

First sketch out the outline of this flame. This look like a tuft of hair.

Next, draw a small shape for inner fire.

Add another shape with two tips and you're done.

Drawing of Flames - Intense Fire

If you've practiced with three drawing flame lessons in this series of how to draw fire, this one shall be easy.

Unlike previous tutorials, where we started drawing from outlines, this one begins at the bottom of the flame.

As I mentioned above, the patterns of aggressive fire are quite random, so draw them anyway you like.

Be imaginative and try to make each burst of flame a little bit unique.

Imagine as if you were drawing tree branches. Create big one first, then keep spreading it: into 2, then into 4 and so on...smaller branches.

flame drawing step 4

As you go, put in some burning inner fire details, we will color these with bright yellow later on.

The trick here is to start from the bottom and keep going up to the top. That way you won't have to erase any overlapping lines.

flame drawing

So here we go, a finished flame drawing in bright yellow, orange and red colors.

Great for tattoos, but if you want some softer effect, consider replacing black outlines with red or similar to main colors you used.

Also try blue and green, and see if that's the look you're after. Have fun drawing flames!

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