Easy to Draw Flowers

So what are easy to draw flowers? ...I am glad you asked... Are you planning on creating awesome floral paintings, cool blossom artworks, personal greeting cards or just some really simple pencil flower drawings, but just don't know which ones are the easiest to start with? Great question, I hope this page will help you answer that.

Drawing flowers is actually quite easy, if you happen to know just  'where' and 'how to' start.

My best advice would be to start practicing with some really easy flowers first, then, as you progress in skills, you can create more complex and interesting looking floral sketches.

 Ok... I won't make this long...., lets see what are the most simple and easy pencil flower drawings you can sketch.

7 Easy to Draw Flowers

So here is the list of 7 flowers I found to be quite simple and straight forward to draw. They are: 4 and 6 petal flowers, carnation, gerbera, puff and sun flowers, and lastly a simple rose.

When drawing flowers:

  1. Locate the center of the flower - This ensures your floral picture look balanced, and its always easy to draw from one central point.
  2. Sketch the flower stem - this will help you map out position without going wild or out of the border, especially if you are creating gift cards with limited space.
  3. Finish with flower petals - there are literally thousands of different types of blossoms, but most will have petals in one form or another. This last detail will determine your kind of flower drawing.

You can also check my friend's site familyfuncartoons.com for a really simple and interesting how to draw flowers lesson. You'll learn drawing flowers in just six simple steps.

And finally, don't forget to get your hands on my other flower tutorials, like how to draw a flower with romantic feel.

Ok, stay tuned for more cool lessons to come.

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