Drawing Pumpkin Faces

Drawing pumpkin faces is one of the most exciting parts of Halloween decorations. Here you will find drawing tips to create 7 different looking pumpkin face expressions. All designs are easy and simple so that you can readily use them as your own free pumpkin carving stencils.

But first you need to draw a template to use as a base, so grab your pencil and let's have some fun!

How to Draw Pumpkin Faces Template

how to draw pumpkinThis template drawing is very easy to create. Start by outlining pumpkin's shape - it's just a simple oval. Then add inner curves to make up for lightly ribbed rind. After that draw some cut lines at the top and a stem. Erase all overlapping details.

Do not color it yet if you're not creating these pumpkin faces drawings using computer software.

Drawing Pumpkin Faces - Spooky Face

drawing pumpkin faces spooky

To draw a spooky pumpkin face we are going to use many sharp-corner triangles. I like to make them a bit curvy - most people just can't be bothered and use straight lines, so yours will stand out with a style.

Note how the eyes are pointing down at the center and they look very similar to tips of kitchen's knifes. The nose is basically a 60-degrees triangle with curved corners. Begin drawing the mouth with a simple half-crescent shape rectangle, then go into details with randomly curved triangles.

Drawing Pumpkin Faces - Angry Face

drawing pumpkin faces angry

This angry pumpkin is actually easier to draw and carve then it looks. Again the eyes point down towards the center, but this time don't sketch all the way down if you plan to use it as pumpkin carving stencils. Create two half circles for the iris.

Nose is simply a long triangle. These time we're going to draw the mouth with straight lines, again begin with a rectangule that's slightly wider at the bottom. Else is the same like in previous scary face drawing.

Drawing Pumpkin Faces - Happy Face

drawing pumpkin faces happy

This happy face expression is going to be even easier than the two above. It is simple but will look great - something you can keep all year around.

Again we use two curly triangle as eyes; and a half crescent shape for mouth opening. Then draw funny looking teeth with two squares at the upper part and one at the lower part of the mouth. This one looks great without a nose, so keep the design simple. Make it another awesome looking free pumpkin carving template of your own.

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