Drawing Faces of Human

Drawing faces is one of the best ways to develop your artistic skills. If you've been drawing human faces in realistic style before, you know what I'm talking about. If not, you better practice with some other lessons first, like one of those in cartoon categories. Why? ...because most of face drawings in this series of realistic tutorials deal a lot with tone and values (it basically means different levels of light and darkness).

drawing faces

With that said, try them anyway, even if you have never drawn faces of real people before. Put your skills into test and see how it goes. Who knows, you might be much more talented than you think and find it easy to draw.

As drawing face involve many details, such as: eyes, nose, mouth, hair and so on, I have created a lesson for each just to show you in small steps how drawing realistic faces is done.

Don't worry if your first tries don't come out perfect. With practice everything gets easier. Your drawings of faces will get better and better as you do them more times.

Remember the old saying? Practice makes it perfect? ...well, we need to correct it a little bit: "Practice makes it permanent". So always try to perfect your face drawing the next time you sketch it and your skills will improve greatly in no time!

Intermediate Drawings

how-to-draw-noses-btHow to Draw Noses
Nose is one of the most important features in many portrait drawings. This simple step tutorial will show you how easy it is.

how-to-draw-hair-btLearn to Draw Hair
When drawing hair, you need to choose a specific style and decide on one of the three basic forms: short, long or curly hair.

Advanced Drawings

how-to-draw-eyes-btHow to Draw Eyes
Do you want to create human eyes sketches that look 'lively' and have 'soul'? A must learn for drawing faces.

how-to-draw-lips-btHow to Draw Lips
Gorgeous and 'hot'! female lips in just 6 simple steps. A feature that will grab your audience attention.

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