Learn to Draw Fantasy Creatures

Learning to draw fantasy creatures can be one of the funest things you learn as an artist. The great thing with fantasy art is that there really are no limitation to what you imagination can create. You can learn how to draw dragons, mermaids, elves or any other mythical creature you can imagine. That's why I love drawing fantasy creature because you can really let your mind run free and create whatever you want.

Easy Drawings

draw cartoon dragon How to Draw a Dragon
Learn to draw a a cool cartoon dragon easily.

draw cartoon elf How to Draw an Elf
Learn to draw a woodland elf.

draw cartoon unicorn How to Draw a Unicorn
Learn to draw a magical unicorn.

Intermediate Drawings

draw cartoon mermaid How to Draw a Mermaid
Mermaids are one of the most beautiful fantasy cratures. Learn how to to draw a beautiful mermaid in 6 easy steps.

draw cartoon dragon How to Draw a Dragon
Learn how to draw a cool dragon with a bit more of an edge.

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