Personalized Christmas Stockings

Yet another exciting tutorial for you - cool personalized Christmas stockings! In this lesson I will show you how to make cute Christmas sock drawings in just 5 super easy steps that anyone can do - even if you've never drawn any holiday stockings before!

As many other of my drawing guides, this really cool cartoon stockings can be either stand alone artworks or used in decoration of your house with other wicked Christmas ornaments. Its all up to you, this one deals with basic steps on how to draw personalized stocking designs.

Square Framework for Felt Christmas Stockings 

As I promised, it's going to be super easy!

Begin with two simple squares, one a little longer than the other and both are joined at one of their corners to create an angle like in my stocking illustration above. 

Than all you need to do is outline it to your desired shape. Mine are felt stockings, so they do have smooth curves all the way around. The only possibility of not drawing smooth curves that I can think of is when you draw woven soft cloth or stockings made of materials rather than knit fabric. But then it's probably a very odd and rare handmade Christmas gift.

Baby Christmas Stocking Decoration

Fun part it comes! I think my example in the picture above look more like baby stockings - cute and adorable. If you like it then definitely follow exactly what I drew. The trick here is to make use of lots of circles that give you very rounded, soft and smooth lines which people usually associate with cuteness and lovable gifts ideas.

See those felt pom poms? They are all just same size circular shapes. Even the snowman print is drawn with two circles. By the way, I have another cool tutorial on how to draw Christmas cartoon snowman with character, for you to check out as well.

I wanted to keep my cartoon stocking really simple, so I did not stuff it with any small gift fillers, like for example: candy, fruit, toys or small gifts from Santa Clause. Obviously, that's what you can consider drawing if you wish to create really interesting Christmas illustrations.

My color choice was traditional bright red with cream - white  felt. The pink - purple scarf on snowman's print did blend in really well. But always be creative and see what other ideas you can come up with. Have fun!

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