Draw Vintage Christmas Ornaments

This is a very special lesson - old world glass ball Christmas ornaments drawing. Unlike most other Noel decoration drawings under my holiday theme, where you'll find plentiful of blight happy colored illustrations, this time we're going to deal with something different - muted and antique Christmas tree ornaments.

One of the most popular items used in Christmas decorations are hand made glass balls - also known as baubles. And that's what I'm gonna teach you how to draw - your own glass-blown unique Christmas ball ornament design.

Draw Christmas Balls Frame And Outline

First, sketch a basic circle. Then draw a rectangle shape for the cap and another smaller rectangle for the base of the hook. Remember to only draft the outlines very lightly with your pencil.

Now you can finalize the shape of your ball. Vintage Christmas decoration items tend to have either bronze or gold color plated caps with serrated edges, so that's why I changed the bottom of cap's rectangle into wood saw teeth-shapes. You just need to draw a hook and that's all done for the basic outlining.

If however, your chosen drawings are crystal Christmas ornaments, the design might be totally different, it could even be capless and just have some loops instead of hooks to hang on trees or around the house. So the choice is all up to you, I'm just showing the most common type of Christmas balls.

Christmas Ornaments Personalized Drawings

This is the drawing step I love most. My imagination just runs wild when it come to creative process. But I still want to make it easy and simple anough for you to draw, so the example picture above shows you two variations - one sphere with super simple classic old school star design, and another with modern Santa Clause drawing (click here to learn how to draw Cartoon Santa) and some snowflake decorations.

Of course, there are plenty other options for you to choose from, try drawing: angel (very popular), snowman, animals (I have a bunch of cartoon animals for you to choose from), fruits (check my cartoon fruit lessons) and many many other Christmas ornament ideas. Your imagination is your only limit!

My Final Antique Ornament Drawings

As I mentioned before, this lesson is all about antique ornaments. I did not change the way I draw this Christmas balls at all. What I did change, was actually the way I colored them. Instead of using bright saturated colors as per usual to capture the spirit of Christmas holiday, in this vintage drawings I toned them down and also reduced contrast between different parts of the glass ball. And if you want to make them look polished, use gradients.

So that's my trick for you to take away after learning to draw this cool Christmas tree ornaments! Hope you liked it.

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