Christmas Gift Boxes Drawing

Ok, this is another cool interesting tutorial on drawing Christmas gift box. You learn how to draw really beautiful elegant small gift boxes with big red velvet bow and ties, and covered in fun printed Christmas gift wrap.

You can even use the guide in this drawing lesson in many other occasions, whenever you need some awesome illustrations to sparkle your house with wonderful art pieces. This is because the way to draw holiday gift boxes are pretty much very similar, all can be done by first building perspective drawings of cubes.

So let's get into the nitty gritty part of it an let me show you how it's drawn.

Start with a 3D Cube

If you've never drawn in perspective, you need to learn it! Your drawing skills will almost be very limited without understanding the fundamental of how three dimensional objects look in space. This lesson is not about perspective drawing, so I will only show you how to construct Christmas gift boxes out of a simple cube.

As you see in the picture, its pretty straight forward. My favorite way is to start drafting two pairs of horizontal guide lines by either sides of the box. Note how they get closer as the lines are suppose to recede farther into space. then I'll sketch two more lines in the upper top, which follow the same rule of recession.

When your done, outline the intersecting lines to draw the top side of our small gift boxes. The sketch straight vertical lines from three corners down to bottom guidelines to finish the box.

Top Cover and Drawing Gift Ribbon

Now your box will need a cover at the top. It's very easy to draw this, just sketch straight lines following the shape of top surface rectangle we created in previous step. Make it a bit bigger and higher up. You can also round up the corners of these holiday gift boxes if you wish.

Next, you'll need to draw the ribbon wrapped and tied around this cartoon gift illustration. See how they are actually not completely straight along the sides? This is because of the thickness of the box's cover. Now draw a small ribbon knob right in the top center of the box.

Drawing the Bow for Christmas Gift Boxes

The bow for this gift box is really simple, yet elegant enough to look like special Christmas gifts or luxury presents! I always draw the upper parts - the big puffy bows first, and then work on ties. This way you can easily and quickly visualize its forms and adjust accordingly.

When you finish the basic outlines, give some emphasize on inner details, such as fabric folds and creases.

Decorating with Christmas Gift Wrap

This is really exciting part of this drawing tutorial - decorating your box with cool gift wrap prints!

Mine is just a simple and easy to draw Christmas trees prints in dark green and wooden earth colors, on top of warm orange-yellow box with bright red ribbon and velvet bow. This combination worked really well for me. But you, of course, can try with your own prints or pictures, just find some small gift boxes to use as your reference. Have a look around and I am sure you will easily find dozens of them.

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