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cartoon wolf

Ok, I thought it would be nice to make this cartoon wolf drawing tutorial a little bit different from other cartoon animals drawings in this category. I am going to show you how to draw a wolf that's is trying to disguise itself as an ill mother.

Do you still remember from what folktale that came from? Still can't recall it quite well? Ok, I will tell you now - it's the Italian folktale: "The Wolf and the Three Girls".

Are you keen? ...Yes? Let's start drawing a cunning cartoon wolf just like the picture to the right! We are going to make him stand and hold a basket instead of lying ill on the bed.

Building Framework for our Wolf Drawing

Even though the finished drawing of our wolf cartoon might look a bit complex, the basic framework drawings are actually quite simple. Mainly are just ovals and some simple tetragons. And the best part is that you won't even have to draw the wolf's legs, because all we trying to achieve here is a simplified illustration of a cartoon wolf looking like a women!

Are you ready? Let's start sketching!...(Just remember to keep it light for easy cleaning afterwards.)

First draw two simple shapes - a circle and an oval for lower and upper body parts.

Then draw another circle for the head. Pretty simple ...yeh? Oh, and don't forget that pointy triangle for the big wolf tail.

Next you need to locate the basket's position relative to the body just like in the illustration below. It's basically another circle with an oval inside. Now don't be scared by how complicated the arms look like. Each is made up of two simple tetragons and a pentagon for hand palms.

Your framework is almost ready for the next big launch - detailed drawing of your wolf. But before that, sketch some face details. Keep the eyebrows pointing down at the center and draw an evil smile - we want our wolf cartoon to look cunning, remember?

Now you can freely add any details as you wish. Then color your wolf the way you imagine it to be. Or just look at my cartoon wolf drawings below whenever you feel stuck. I actually added a red handkerchief and a purple skirt so that my wolf look more like a women. Then I didn't forget to draw some claws on the bottom to suggest wolf's legs behind the skirt.

Ok, have fun practicing how to draw a wolf!

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