Drawing a Cute Cartoon Turtle
Step by Step

This is another very easy and quick tutorial on how to draw a cute little cartoon turtle. After some practice you can easily sketch cartoon drawings like this in just a few minutes.

cartoon turtle

Turtles are one of the most lovely animals to keep in house. A friend of mine even has a couple of them. When I visit my friend I can spend hours just playing with her turtles, and basically have some good time watching them crawling around. I actually found it quite meditative after full days at work. Anyway, here is my observation of turtles.

Basic Shapes for Cartoon Turtle Drawings

Everyone knows the turtle's special way of protecting itself - with a bony hard shell (1). But that's only the upper part of the shell and it's called Carapace. Turtles also have lower shells (4), called Plastron.

Next thing to note is the head (2). Land turtle - Tortoise, have their eyes looking down, while aquatic ones, such as snapping and soft-shelled turtles, have eyes closer to the top of their heads. These reptiles also have very rigid beak, which they use to cut and chew food. Finally, their limbs-legs (3) are pretty short and sturdy with some long thick claws.

How to Draw Cartoon Turtles - Step by Step

Let's start by drawing the turtle's shell. It can be as simple as a leaf shape. After that, draw a line through the middle to prepare for step 2.

Think of the shell we just sketched as the full body length. Now you need to divide that distance into halves, then into quarter. From where you got the quarter just extend another line to the left - this is where your cartoon turtle's head will be. Make a perfect circle for the head and an ellipse for the neck. I think the illustration above is pretty much self explanatory.

When you finished drawing the head and neck, erase all the line for a cleaner sketch. Next are legs. Because we are drawing a cartoon of a turtle, let's keep simple. I just drew some rectangles with rounded edges as the picture below. Give them some shapes by curving a little bit.

If you just stopped in step 3 your cartoon turtle might look like it was climbing uphill. In step 4 add another two rectangular shapes for the front legs, and don't forget to curve them nicely at the bottom. Also draw the eye that looks like a water drop.

Up until this point we haven't touch into any details of our turtle drawings. There is a bit of work in this step, but all is pretty easy and straight forward. Note how the texture of the turtle's shell is very similar to soccer ball panels - compromised of hexagons and pentagons. Use the illustration below as your guideline for step 5.

Finished your cartoon drawing of a turtle? Let's get it colored the way you like. I found gold yellow and dark olive greens to work pretty well.

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