Cartoon Turkey Drawings

Short of Thanksgiving ideas? Try this happy cartoon turkey drawing in which I demonstrate to you step by step on how to draw really cool turkey cartoon the easy, simple and yet creative way.

This guide assumes that you're already familiar with drawing cartoon animals, and so you should have already mastered some basic drawing techniques. The main focus in this tutorial is on creative side of turkey drawings and how to make your artwork look truly awesome!

Drawing Cartoon Turkeys Head

As you've noticed, I began with just three circles - a big one for turkey's head, and two smaller sizes for red wattle - that are very similar to those of chicken.

I then drew the outline connecting these circles together.

To finish head drawing, put in some details such as face outline, eyes and turkey's bill. In this  turkey cartoon I simplified a few things, like removing the snood on bill and wrinkled caruncle texture.

How to Draw Turkey Body

Now I know that turkeys have very complex feather growth structures, but for the sake of drawing a cartoon turkey, we aren't gonna spend time on sketching each and every single feather - it's just not efficient, and won't be necessary.

So let's draw two ovals on an angle, the big one is slightly slanting to the left, while the smaller one is in opposite direction.

Then all you have to draw are curly scallop edges just like in the turkey picture to the right.

Adding Fan Tail and Wing

As I said before, our turkey drawings are gonna very simple cartoons.

Exactly how we drew the body in previous step, the fan tail can be drafted by first sketching very lightly with your pencil a vertical oval shape. Then start working on separating it into many feather panels with rounded edges at the top.

This cartoon turkey's wing can fit in a long triangle, if that makes it easier for you to draw. Again - use scallop edges to finish it off.

Extra Feather Details and Legs

Your turkey cartoon is almost ready for Thanksgiving celebration!

Let's get it complete by drawing some feather textures on its fan-shaped tail and body.

Make this bird look as if it is running (or dancing to be more exact!) with relaxed sketches of legs and feet. See how easy it becomes when you learn how to simplify realistic details into basic shapes and lines.

Did you know that our eyes are accustomed to recognizing shapes rather than paying attention to minor details? That's how it work in drawing cartoons.

Final Thanksgiving Cartoon Turkey Drawing

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