How to Draw Cartoon Tree

4 Easy Simple Steps

Ok, this cartoon tree drawing lesson is going to be a bit different from other step by step tutorials. You'll learn how to draw a tree that looks like half a human - a walking one - similar to those in forests of 'The Lord of The Rings' film.

cartoon tree

Unlike most cartoon drawings we did before, where we built the frameworks using simple shapes, this one is gonna be using just some curve lines and a single circle.

Don't be scared if you never drew a tree looking like people before.

This one is just a snap, because most of the details in this tree drawing do not require precise sketching skills, not even how to draw straight lines. So everything is super easy!

Drawing Tree Frame

how to sketch cartoon treeStart 'planting' your tree by first sketching a vertical line- an arc that is slightly curly to the right. This is for the main stem - the trunk. Then add to it another three arcs: one on the top end for tree branches, and two at the bottom end for 'cartoonish' looking legs - which are actually tree root.

Our half-human plant is already taking form. Draw it as if you would draw stick figures.

how to draw cartoon tree Its quite cool, if you experiment and change the bottom arcs you can even make your cartoon tree run like crazy, or make it sit, or simply kicking something. Try to draw it with a ball - and there we go, you'd have a tree playing no time!

In this next step just draw a single circle above our funny 'personalised' tree to make up for foliage shape.

We are going to keep our cartoons simple and not draw any leaves, just treat them all as one foliage.

cartoon tree sketchWe'll do the same with tree stem, only sketching two major branches and extend them into four twigs.

So in this step 3, sketch a V to the left branch and another V with slight curvature at the bottom to the right one.

To finish off our tree cartoon's roots just draw two 'chicken feet' using curved sticks - three for each leg.

At this stage the framework for our tree drawing is finished. Now you need to start outlining it.

cartoon tree drawingFinish Cartoon Tree Drawing

You can make your cartoon character look tall, short, fat or slim quite easily in this final step 4. I normally start sketching the main trunk first, then go into roots, then into branches, twigs, and finally outlining the foliage.

Coloring of cartoon trees is quite simple and straight forward. Tree bark is usually of brown or burned yellow wood colors; the foliage is green, but can also be in all sort of colors, depending on what kind of tree your drawing.

Be creative, you've just learned how to draw a tree a different way.

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