Draw a Cute Red Cartoon Tomato

cartoon tomato

Do you want to create a cute cartoon tomato drawing like the one in the picture? Because I'll show how to draw this little happy smiling tomato in just four super easy steps.

Never drawn a cartoon fruit character like this before? ...No big deal... I made this tutorial so simple that anyone can follow to make this cool animated tomato with no prior experience. You'll learn how to draw tomatoes that can't be confused with apples, peaches or any other similar plants.

Step 1 - Start Drawing a Basic Tomato Fruit

cartoon tomato drawing step 1

Yep, that's right, tomato is actually a fruit and not a vegetable as many people mistake them for. It's just an odd kind of plant with sweet and savory taste, but even more nutritive than spinach, and obviously a great choice for making salads.

Fortunately for us, learning how to draw a tomato is quite similar to drawing many other fruits, we start with a basic oval that's just slightly wider than its length.

Notice how the top part is a little bit hollow, that's where you'll draw the green stem - just two arcs with a 'forward-slash' at the top to connect them together.

Step 2 - Animate Your Cartoon Tomato

cartoon tomato drawing step 2

Now is the fun part - animating your drawing of a tomato.

Because the overall tomato shape is already wide, to break the sameness and make it more interesting, we're gonna draw some vertically long oval-shape eyes. Draw them pointing to the center a little bit at the top, to make our tomato animated character look kind and funny.

cartoon tomato drawing step 3Next, add the hair details - which are basically tomato's leaves. Just draw four of these as would draw long thick 'S' shapes.

In step 3, give your cartoon tomato some character by drawing a smiling curve and a cute little nose.

To give our tomato's eyes more depth, create another two small circles inside each oval you drew in step 2.

cartoon tomato drawing step 4

Your tomato cartoon is almost done!

This final step 4 is not necessary if you want a  simple cute looking tomato. But to make it more funny looking, consider drawing an extra pair of shoes - just like the ones of Genie from Aladdin story.

And lastly, brighten your cartoon with fresh deep red color distinctive to tomato plants. To add highlights, mix in some orange colors in the upper middle area, where the eyes were drawn. If you're unsure of what exact red shades to use, just pick up a real tomato and try to match it. This way you'll create awesome looking cartoon tomatoes that can't be mistaken with any other fruits.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun drawing cartoon fruits!

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