Happy Bright Cartoon Sun Drawing

cartoon sun

In this drawing lesson you'll learn how to draw a cartoon sun the amazingly simple way. This sun drawing is so full of bright hot colors that no matter how gloomy or cold the weather is, its sunshine will keep everyone warm and happy!

Unlike other sun cartoon drawings you might find online, this tutorial is different - it's about being creative and let your artistic skill express freely through your illustration.

What I mean by that, is that we aren't gonna try to make perfect circles and symmetrical rays of sunlight (using compass or rulers) in this cartoon lesson. Instead, I encourage you to draw freely by hand and be totally creative with your drawings.

The best artwork sometimes just happen to be expression of the very first intuitive feeling of the artist. If you want to learn how to draw effectively you simply need to recognize and capture these original sparkles of ideas, feelings, emotions, or concepts that run in your mind.

So when you're ready, lets see how we can make this cartoon so hot and impressive that everyone is gonna copy-cat your drawing of the sun!

Drawing Cartoon Sun Face

drawing cartoon sun face

If you ever tried to look at the sun, you probably noticed that it's just a perfectly circular fire globe. But as you see, my oval in step (1) is not anywhere close to perfect or symmetrical, it's more of an egg's shape.

In step (2), I started to very lightly sketch out face details, beginning with two curves - for happy kindly eyes. After that I deliberately drew another uneven curve for the smile, this give your sun cartoon some character, instead of being just symmetrical. And lastly is the cute nose - an oval slightly skewed down on the left.

How to Draw Bright Shiny Sun Bursts

how to draw bright sun cartoon

In step (3), I drew some extra lines to make this cartoon sun face look a bit more interesting. Next step is very exciting - start to draw the sun's bursts of lights. Here is when your creative self would want to take over your drawing hand... Just relax... and let your pencil create random curve lines.

To draw this curves I started at the top and then kept shaping them all around the face of the sun, with a single stroke.  You can always sketch them very lightly at first, then when you're happy with how your sun cartoon looks, draw over again with more pressure this time, or use a ball point pen, or a permanent marker- this makes it easy to erase unnecessary lines.

Finish Cartoon Sun Drawing

cartoon sun drawing

This extra step (5) is optional - drawing cartoonish hands for your bright funny sun. Details like this can give your cartoon that extra personality or be used to express some gestures, like a welcoming warm message - "Hello", for example.

Note how my finished drawing has bright red outline around the sun's face (6). This gives the impression of the sun spreading heat and being really really hot.  

So that's it for this sun drawing tutorial. Hope you learned something new and keep on making great cartoons!

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