Cartoon Snowman Drawing

So here it is, an exciting cartoon snowman drawing for your Christmas decoration. If you have been wondering around looking for a little bit different tutorial on drawing snowman, then that's great, because you've just 'snowed' it here!

I made this mascot of winter cartoon really colorful an fun to draw. While most snowmen are built with three spheres, we will be constructing one with just two snowballs, without lower body, which in Japan they call it Yuki daruma.

Drawing Snowman Body

First, draw a single circle for snowman's head. Than an uneven oval like egg shape for torso (yes, I really mean 'un-even', to give it some character and personality).

Now draw in the head, which is a simple water bucket turned upside-down. You can start by drawing two straights lines by sides, then connect them with slightly curved arcs.

Dress your Cartoon Snowman Drawing

Time to transform your drawing of snowman into an exciting and cool illustration!

I begin by first sketching out the nose, which is made of ordinary orange carrot. Then I would draft some shapes for arms - in this case they are simplified versions of winter tree branches.

My snowman cartoon is holding a broom on its left hand, so I drew a curly stick just like in the picture above. Feel free to experiment with your own imagination and be creative, because this extra detail will make your snowman drawings look unique.

To make sure my snow-man friend isn't left cold, I gave him a scarf as Christmas gift.

A Lively Cartoon Snowman

Our snowman is almost ready to go out and enjoy snowfall of Christmas winter!

To finish these cartoons, put in some final details such as: eyes and a smiling face - made with stones and rock; a metal bucket's handle; a button just below scarf; and broom twigs - you can actually cover them with snow on top.

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