Cartoon Santa Clause Drawing

What a great time to draw Christmas cartoon Santa Claus! Let's make this New Year full of fun and lots of gift from beloved Santa. He gives us presents every single year, so lets thanks him by creating lovely santa cartoons.

In this lesson I will show you step by step how to draw Santa Clause with long white beard, dressed in traditional red velvet coat with white fur cuffs, and carrying a big Christmas gift bag on his back.

Drawing Cartoon Santa Claus Step by Step

cartoon santa beard

You should begin this sketch by creating a circle for the head. Then draw Santa's snow white beard that looks like the shape of a tooth turned upside down.

Next, draw the soft fur part of his hat that somehow resembles a long curly balloon shape.

drawing cartoon santa hat

Now finish off Santa's hat with some funny cartoonish looking shapes like the pop pom bit at the end. That's one of the reasons why I deliberately drew everything asymmetrically and just let my drawing lines flow free-form and effortlessly.

After all, drawing cartoons is all about creating fun artworks, don't you agree?

It's time to move onto torso. Remember that Santa Clause is big and he has a really full body build, so keep his torso and hands short with curly lines.

santa clause gift bag

Now you can start drawing cartoon santa's humongous-size gift bag, which look like a big ballon.

Then continue with adding design details to santa suit. In this case, he has a long black belt over his stomach and white fur on the hem of his coat.

Right where santa's coat finishes, draw in two curly shapes like in the picture to the left. These will be his legs.

cartoon santa claus

In this step we are going to draw sleeve cuffs and gloves.

For the left hand, just draw the cuff first and then use the shape of the glove to connect Santa Claus' hand with his gift bag.

The right hand is pretty simple and easy to draw. Use this cartoon illustration as your guide.

Drawing cartoon boots is really easy as well. Sketch vertical lines on either sides of the boots first and then finish drawing the curly parts on the bottom.

cartoon santa clause

Your cartoon Santa Clause drawing is almost done!

To draw kind looking Santa's face, make the eyebrows slightly curly and slanting upwards in the center.

His eyes are just two simple circles. And his swollen out of cold nose is just a wide oval.

Your santa cartoons won't look like Santa Clause without mustache, so don't forget to draw it with a smiling mouth as well.

To make our Santa costume complete, add a buckle and a white placket long center front of his coat.

So here it is, a finished drawing of Santa Claus in full bright colors. Not how I colored gloves with green, boots with dark red-brown, belt with black and the buckle in yellow. This worked quite well. But be creative and try your own cartoon version!

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