How To Draw Cute Cartoon Penguins

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Some cool facts before we draw cartoon penguins. Did you know that the largest species of living penguins is the Emperor Penguin? This "flyless birds" when mature can grow over 3 feet 7" (1.1 m) tall and weigh more than 75lb (35kg). While the smallest are the "Little Blue Penguins", which are sometimes called with a cute name "Fairy Penguins". They are only 40cm (16") tall and weigh just about 2.2lb (1kg). Cool haah!

Learning how to draw penguins can be a lot of fun and certainly a great way to improve your cartoon drawing skills. So let's just dive straight into the cold Antarctic Water and discover what make this animal so unique!

Observing Real Life Penguins

Most have counter-shaded dark and white plumage (1) and an oval shape body. A penguin has a round head (2) with a long and very strong beak to catch fish (3). Its wings look like half crescents slightly curling backwards (4). This is probably because they have become accustomed to underwater locomotion. Just like any birds, penguins do have tails, but just without feathers (5). And finally, their legs are small and short (6) (that's why you see them walk so slowly) and can look like a duck's legs.

Cartoon Penguin Drawing Step By Step

Start with sketching a thin line slightly leaned towards the right. Then draw an oval shape to establish penguin's body (1). After that, draw a circle the size of about one-thirds the height of the previously drawn oval shape to make up the head (2). Add another circle the same size down the bottom for left leg and a slightly smaller oval shape for right leg. Use lines to help you draw penguin's legs in correct positions.

Now you can add two wings, again with help of thin lines to position them properly. Also sketch a small triangle on the bottom to create the tail shape (3). Sketch some face details to make your cartoon penguin look cute (4) and we are done with basic penguin's shape!

Now it's time to add the final details and erase unnecessary lines. Remember our observations? Penguins have legs looking similar to duck's legs and counter-shaded color lines on their body (5). Feel free to be a creative and add or exclude anything to your liking. Heyaa..! You ready to start coloring your penguin (6).

As you can see, learning how to draw cartoon penguins is not very hard when we break things down to small easy steps. You can experiment with different colors, you are not just limited to white and dark shades, why not give pink and dark purple a try? You might end up with an even cuter version of penguins cartoon drawing. Good Luck!

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