How to Draw Cartoon Panda

Another cartoon animals lesson for you - a cute cartoon panda drawing. In his exciting tutorial you'll learn how to draw a panda bear cartoon climbing a forest tree and chewing bamboo shoots!

Giant pandas are no doubt one of the most popular stars in the world of wild animals, taken by the "Kung Fu Panda" animated movie.

Known for distinctive black and white fur patches, this mammal is easily differentiated from its neighbor bear species. By just adding this feature to your drawing, your cartoonish panda bear then becomes very easy to draw.

How to Draw a Panda Climbing a Tree

how to draw a panda

I first drew a tree on an angle, and then started to sketch panda's framework, with an oval for head, a circle for upper body - shoulder and another oval on slight angle for the lower body.

In step (2), I began to connect three circular shapes I just created to draw the head and main body of our cartoon pandas. Note how I added a bit of shape to chin and cheeks of this panda's face outline.

Remember to keep your pencil sketches very lightly at this stage, because many details will soon overlap in the next drawing steps.

Drawing Panda Cartoon

panda cartoon

Your panda bear cartoons will start to take shape in this next step (3). I started by drawing two round ears. They are quite big in proportion compared to other bears' faces, so don't worry if it looks humongous, like stuffed toys.

I then drew eye patches of egg shapes, a long oval for nose and a curly line for the mouth. As we are only drawing cartoons, and not realistic looking bears, I tried to keep all the details to minimal and very simple to draw.

Besides black and white patches, another very distinctive feature of pandas is their round body shape. Step (4) is a good example illustration of how to draw a panda cartoon with just round and circular shapes and lines.

Finish Cartoon Panda Drawing

cartoon panda drawing

This cartoon drawing of a cute panda is almost finished. In the final step (5), draw a green shoot of bamboo plant for it to chew on. I also added some details to the eyes so they look more humanoid, and to create interesting points for my panda drawings.

See how my illustrated picture above does that really well, your eyes just tend to subconsciously look at the cartoon panda's face first. This drawing technique is called 'point of interest' and it works especially well when the subject is overall simple in nature.

So that's another drawing tip for you to take away. Hope you enjoyed!

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