Drawing Sweet Cartoon Orange Fruit

cartoon orange

In this tutorial I'll show you how to draw cartoon orange in 4 super easy steps! It only takes a few little tricks to make a sweet looking orange cartoon drawing just like this picture to the right.

Even better, after learning to draw this cool animated orange, you'll be able to apply just the same drawing tips to bring all the other citrus plants, like: mandarins, tangerines, grapefruit and even lemon and limes into alive funny characters.

Step 1 - How to Draw Orange Fruit

cartoon orange drawing step 1

This first step is probably the easiest one in all the cartoon fruit drawing tutorials.

You only need to draw a single circle, and a basic orange shape is pretty much done! Cool ..hah?

To make it look a bit more realistic, lets sketch some straight outlines over our perfectly drawn circle to create the feel of soft orange's skin.

If your circle wasn't perfect - that's even better, don't bother tweaking, less than perfect actually looks more alike real orange fruits.

Now just at the stick to make up for orange's stem and we're ready to move on.

Step 2 - Drawing Cartoon Orange's Face Details

cartoon orange drawing step 2

It's actually much simpler to draw this funny orange face than it looks. We'll start with a nose - simply draw an unfinished oval or disconnect it some where close to bottom right of the nose.

To make our orange look as if it had hair, let's draw two simple leaves growing from the middle of the stem.

Next, in step 3, are big wide open eyes. I normally like to sketch from the outline first. This way I can quickly see the design and gauge the final look to adjust accordingly, without spending too much effort on sketching all the nifty details.

cartoon orange drawing step 3

Once you're happy with how the orange's eye look, draw a circle inside of each. If you want your orange to look to the left like in this cartoon orange drawing, make them a little bit closer to the right edge of each eyes' oval.

In short - that's how to control where your cartoon character pays attention too, by adjusting its eyes focus.

Remember how I did just the opposite in tomato drawing lesson? It turned out to look to the right instead.

cartoon orange drawing step 4

Just add some more minor details in this step 4 and you done with drawing this sweet orange fruit cartoon.

Notice how I drew eyebrows with two arcs curling up - this gives your cartoon orange a warm welcoming face expression.

The last bit to finish is the happy smiling curve. These are just three simple curves. Start with the widest one first then add two shorter versions by sides.

Ok, that's it for this orange drawing!

You can even try drawing your orange cartoon with red colors and end up with blood orange. Or how about changing it's shape a little and turn it into navel orange? Your only limit is your imagination, so I'll let you play around and see what you can come up with!

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